“A million nights”, Mr. Rain and Clara tell a thousand shades of love. INTERVIEW

To talk about love takes courage, a lot of it. Especially today, when there is a bit of fear towards this feeling, in feeling it and demonstrating it. This is why “A million nights”, the new song by Mr. Rain and Clara, is a melody that we all need a little. Sometimes we feel the need for someone to say things for us, on other occasions we are the ones who get involved and say what we think. This is what Mr.Rain does in “A million nights”, a song written with Lorenzo Vizzini, Mario Apuzzo and Federica Abbate, and which features the voice of Clara, one of the most interesting artists of the last year. Their voices come together perfectly, and strengthen the musical identity of Mattia who, since the beginning of his artistic journey, has always told himself without filters through music.

“I tell what I experience, without letting prejudices get me down. And this has always rewarded me”

“In recent years I have never let prejudices get me down, and I believe that this aspect has rewarded me from day zero, from before and after my participation in the Sanremo Festival. I talk about what I experience with the people around me and I often talk about love, without any fear and in a very transparent way. I also do it in this single and I’m happy to sing it together with Clara” says Mr. Rain.

And you Clara, how did you feel interpreting this piece?

“I fully identified with this song, also because I believe that fear and uncertainty are two elements that are often present in relationships, of whatever type they are. If you think about it, however, it is easier to identify with the aspect of love that creates more turmoil and chaos… and that’s what I do in this song too! There’s always a bit of drama and it’s very typical of me so I threw myself into this song headlong” adds Clara smiling.

“Everything that happens to us is precious for our growth”

In this song, however, you try to exorcise the fear of love a little…

“Over time I have learned to be less and less afraid of love or in any case of any relationship: I am convinced that every relationship serves for personal growth, everything that happens can be precious for the life of each of us. It happened to me to scare me in some moments, but I learned to live every moment. And I stopped being a slave to my fears” Mr. Rain tells us. Words that are echoed by those of Clara: “I’m learning not to be afraid, but I think we can never be sure of everything that happens to us. A little drama in relationships is always there (smiles). As I mature, however, I hope to have a different approach…in the meantime I’m doing a lot of emotional exercise to grow from this point of view too, and I also do it through music.”

Clara: “I wish that with this song people would feel less alone”

Mattia, for your collaborations choose voices that greatly strengthen your musical identity…

“I have always collaborated with artists capable of stimulating me, regardless of everything. If a person stimulates me musically and personally it is important to create something together, I don’t care what genre they do… something must come to me that enriches me. Then I believe that contaminating different paths is beautiful and important, and this helps me to describe myself even better”

Is there a message you want to send with this song?

“In my songs I always try to put a message: music is an art that allows you to do that, and to communicate with people. I hope that this song with Clara will find its way into people’s hearts and that they can use it to overcome even some difficult moments of uncertainty. I am very introverted and I have always used music to tell myself. And I always get excited when someone welcomes my words and identifies with them” adds Mr. Rain. “I hope that with “One Million Nights” people feel less alone and more understood” says Clara candidly. Feeling less alone, also thanks to music. Also thanks to this song.

Appointment at the Forum on November 18th

Will you sing it together at the Forum on November 18th?

“Maybe, who knows! There’s still some time left and I don’t know if Clara already has commitments… but I would love it because it would be an opportunity to give something more to my fans, as well as live a new experience” comments Mr. Rain.