A new alliance for the development of ESG skills

Memorandum of understanding between Federmanager and Eni, representing the Open-es alliance

Federmanager and Eni they signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at promoting training and certification courses to enhance managers’ ESG skills in different types of businesses. This agreement aligns with the objectives of Open-es, a systemic alliance that supports companies with concrete tools to improve sustainability performance, with a particular focus on SMEs.

The main objective of this collaboration is to define and implement targeted training solutions, in consideration of the crucial role played by managers’ skills in the success of companies’ transition plans towards sustainability. This effort aims to create effective training courses suitable for different industries.

Open-es platform and community involvement

L’Open-es alliancewhich involves the industrial, financial and institutional world, is committed to supporting companies and supply chains through concrete tools and solutions, with particular attention to SMEs, to monitor and improve sustainability performance.

The key role played by the skills and sensitivity of the managerial class in the process of business transition towards sustainability is at the center of this initiative. Federmanager and Open-es intend, through this collaboration, to define and implement training solutions aimed at the skills needed in different sectors.

The Open-es platform, with the active participation of over 15,000 businesses in the community, will be used to focus training courses on the specific needs of the various supply chains and monitor their effectiveness over time. Managers will have the opportunity to access targeted training created by Federmanager with the support of ESGR Società Benefit, Deloitte Climate & Sustainability Società Benefit and Federmanager Academy. The certification of the skills acquired will be possible through Federmanager’s BeManager program, with Rina certification.

Joining forces for sustainability

Stefano Cuzzilla, president of Federmanager, underlines the organisation’s commitment to making skills and experiences available to encourage innovation, growth and the value and economic relaunch of the country. The collaboration with Open-es represents a significant step towards spreading the value of training and certification of managers’ ESG skills.

The initiative aims to join forces between the main players in the industrial, financial and institutional sectors, creating a national framework in line with the systemic spirit of the Open-es alliance. The objective is to support businesses and managers in coordinated and effective paths to support the sustainability and competitiveness of the entire business system.

Costantino Chessa, head of procurement of Eni, highlights the importance of technical and personal skills for managers in the context of the sustainable transition. The Open-es alliance, according to Chessa, creates a virtuous ecosystem by involving companies of different sizes to promote widespread awareness of sustainable development as a key element of competitiveness along value chains.

The entry of Federmanager into this alliance represents a fundamental step in supporting companies and their managers in achieving the objectives common to all supply chains. The collaboration between these important entities promises to generate synergies and opportunities for the entire business system in the context of long-term sustainability and competitiveness.