A Non è la rai it was like that, seeing Gaia today after 30 years will leave you stunned: she always looks like a girl!

At the time of Non è la rai she looked like this, but seeing Gaia today after 30 years will leave you stunned: she always looks like a girl!

How many of you remember the program Non è la rai? Aired for the first time around the early 90s, Gianni Boncompagni’s broadcast proved to be a real cult of that time. Lasted for four editions, the program saw many girls perform on its stage. And each of them, although they are really many, have remained engraved in the hearts of all its viewers.

How is Gaia today. Credits: Instagram

Each episode of It is not the rai it was a real party. Between quizzes, live phone calls, dance and singing, the program gave its audience hours of total carefree and fun. Obviously, they too allowed it: the very young girls! How many have we known over the years? Definitely a lot! Among these, however, viewers cannot help but remember her: the gorgeous Gaia Camossi. The young girl has been one of the regular appearances of the program for several years, but today there are many people who are wondering what happened to it today and how it has become. Are you curious to know too? We tracked her down on Instagram and discovered that – despite 30 years have passed since her participation in her It’s not the rai – time hasn’t affected her beauty at all.

How did Gaia Camossi of Non è la rai become after 30 years? Always a blast

Took part in It is not the rai in the same edition by Pamela Petrarolo – whose transformation we recently revealed to you from the time of the program – but you are curious to know how it has become today Gaia Camossi? As we said, the beautiful girl took part in the broadcast of the 90s for three editions and immediately entered everyone’s heart. Almost 30 years have passed since her last appearance in the television studio, but really many are wondering how her life has changed today and how she has become. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of information on what she does after her success. We do not know, therefore, if she has said goodbye to the world of TV or she is dedicating herself to something else, but we can tell you that her beauty has not been affected by time at all.

Just like Luna Castellani, Gaia Camossi also boasts a rather rich and very popular Instagram profile. And it is precisely in this way that we have traced a series of very recent shots and we have seen her further beauty of her. Don’t believe our words at all? Seeing is believing:

gaia is not the rai
Gaia Camossi today. Credits: Instagram

There is absolutely nothing to say: that Gaia Camossi is a girl in her first television experience or a beautiful woman, she is always fantastic.