“A page that has closed”: he no longer wants to work on TV and explains the reasons

He has not been at the helm of a program for several years and in an interview he explains why he does not intend to return to work on TV.

The ‘magical’ world of television it is almost always a popular destination for many, but there is also someone who would not like a career in the spotlight. Someone else, however, after having worked on it for years and even with some success, decides not to go back and to take completely different paths.

It disappeared from the tv (Credits: Instagram)

Just in these days, we have told you, for example, of a former foreign showgirl who became very famous here in Italy during the 90s, who has been leading a retired life for some time now and carries out a profession very far from the small screen. But she is certainly not the only one who has completely upset all plans and disappeared from the scene.

Another well-known face did it too, who between the 80s and 90s was one of the most beloved conductors and actors. Following a brain aneurysm that hit him in 2001, he was forced to take a break from work but, despite having returned to conduct a very famous show after some time, at one point he decided to change his life and since then he is rarely seen as a guest in some talk show. Interviewed by his longtime colleague, he told what he has done in these two decades, what his life is like now and why he no longer wants to work on TV.

After the great success of years ago, he no longer wants to work on TV: what is he doing now

The former presenter was a prominent figure especially in Mediaset: it is about Marco Columbrowho often shared the stage with Lorella Cuccarini. It is impossible to forget the formidable couple that the two formed in conducting programs such as Have a nice Sunday, Paperissimaor on the set of fiction Dear Master!

Lorella recently hosted Columbro in her online program A coffee with and the former face of the Biscione has told himself openly. After overcoming the health problems that hit him about twenty years ago, he returned for a period on the small screen, together with Lorella, with We bet that …?only to leave the scenes again.

In all this time, Columbro says, he has worked a lot like actor at the theater and has cultivated his interest in the philosophy. When Lorella asked him what he would like to do in case he comes back on TV, he was very clear: “The problem is that I no longer want to do television, if I have to say so. I want to do other things ”.

With regard to acting, however, he said he was ready to try his hand at any role, even in the dramatic ones. He then announced that his should be out at the end of the year book titled The awakening of Parsifal: living a life in the flock as a sheep, or as conscious beings. A sort of account of everything that Columbro has learned, for 40 years now, from the various spiritual masters with whom he has dealt with. “For me, writing about these topics is the thing that interests me the most right now. Or even open a spiritual research academy, ”he admitted.

On his hypothetical return to TV, Marco Columbro does not seem to give much hope to fans who have never forgotten it. “What I did in the show, I did, it’s useless to redo things I’ve already done. It would be a repeat. That’s enough. This is a page of my destiny that has closed, ”she said.

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He left the TV (Credits: Youtube)

Did you also appreciate Columbro so much when he was part of the show business?