A place in the sun, Beppe Zarbo leaves the soap after 27 years: ‘Franco’s’ farewell post

The actor: “It was an incredible and unrepeatable adventure”

Beppe Zarbo, Franco Boschi in ‘A Place in the Sun’, leaves the long-running Italian soap. At least that’s what it seems from a post published on Instagram by the actor who writes: “on 21 October 1996 the first episode of ‘A Place in the Sun’ was broadcast. It was an incredible and unrepeatable adventure. I want to thank Rai, Freemantle and all the public, as well as the generations who grew up with us.” “Having been part of this family was a true privilege and an unforgettable experience that I will always carry on my journey. Looking back, I am filled with emotion for all the moments shared and for all the love I received. I am grateful for the “affection you have shown me over the years. Thank you all very much!”, we read in the post accompanied by a photo from the set. The first comment on the post is from Claudio Ruffo, Angela, his wife in the soap: “How many memories and how to have lived 2 lives in the same life”.

Franco and Angela, the historic couple from Un posto al sole

Franco, a boxing enthusiast with a difficult character, after a difficult start and years of a wild life, becomes involved with Angela (Claudia Ruffo), the love of his life with whom he had his daughter Bianca. The two had moved to Sicily during the summer. In the last episode in which they saw Angela she said: “We will miss our home”. “But yes, come on. We’ll be back soon anyway”, replied Franco before leaving, leaving the terrace deserted. After the summer, however, they had decided to stay and live in Sicily and this had fueled some suspicions.