A place in the sun, he cries on social media: viewers speechless, what happened

After the episode of Un posto al sole she showed up on social media while crying: viewers speechless, what exactly happened.

The new season of Un posto al sole started just a week after the summer break, but the Neapolitan soap opera has already given a shocking twist: the death of one of its main protagonists.

A Place in the Sun. Credits: Instagram

If the ending of A place in the sun before the holidays left everyone with bated breath, the return to air after the summer break was even more so. Those who follow the Neapolitan soap opera fiercely know very well what we are referring to: the death of Susanna! Struck by a firearm, together with Viola, Susanna’s condition has never appeared so much criticism. Nico’s young girlfriend, in fact, was the first to come out of a coma and even managed to get married with her beloved. An infection, however, cost her dearly and – a few hours after her ‘yes’ said in the hospital – the young lawyer is gone forever.

It can be clearly understood that Susanna’s death scene literally melted everyone’s hearts. On the web, in fact, there have been really many who have told their emotion in greeting the young actress forever. Even the person directly concerned did it! In a video shown on social, Lorenzini showed herself crying.

He cries on social media after the episode of Un posto al sole: what happened

After the farewell of Valentina Pace from the role of Elena – the actress, to date, dedicates herself to something else – and that of another beloved character, another face of Un posto al sole has greeted the soap opera from Campania forever. . We are talking about the very young Agnese Lorenzini, who wore the role of Susanna. We do not know what prompted the actress to say goodbye to her colleagues and the set forever A Place in the Sun, but we can tell you that her last scene gave a lot of them the creeps.

If Susanna’s death has left all her viewers speechless, the reaction of the person concerned was not far behind. As well as some of her colleagues – starting from Luca Turco up to Ilenia Lazzarin – the young Agnese Lorenzini could not help but share her emotion after seeing her last scene of her go on the air. “Guys, what episode was that ?! Mamma Mia”, the actress said through an IG story shared on her social channel, not hiding her tears. “I am very good to you”, he concluded.

a place in the social sun
Agnese Lorenzini. Credits: Instagram

We wish the best of luck to the young and talented Agnese Lorenzini!