A place in the sun, sad loss for the television soap: the farewell post

The farewell post on social media by the editorial staff of Un Posto al sole is for him: a very sad loss for the Italian soap opera

There television soap opera aired so far with over 6 thousand episodes and 27 seasons, since its debut as the first Italian soap on the small screen, it has captured millions of viewers who since 1996 have not missed an evening appointment with the protagonists of the story.

A place in the sun (Credits: Instagram)

The events that see protagonists the actors who take on the role of the characters in A Place in the Sun, have so far even exceeded our expectations. The death of Susanna, Agnese Lorenzini in real life, has upset everyone. Today, however, the entire editorial staff and the protagonists of the soap opera mourn the disappearance of an important face for Un posto al Sole. With a post on social media they said goodbye.

Un posto al Sole mourns its sad disappearance: the farewell post

“26 years ago you created Un Posto al Sole and today you leave us precious words once again“, It is with these words that begins the post that says goodbye to the face that created Un Posto al Sole back in ’96. The creator of the Italian Soap Opera which following its debut has depopulated with its 6 thousand and more episodes. To date, the editors of the Italian soap said goodbye to the creator, Wayne Mark Diol. 26 years ago he gave birth to what is now known to be the most famous Italian soap opera in history.

A Place in the Sun
Wayne Diol (Credits: Instagram)

The soap had first come to life in Australia, under the name Neighbors, the soap that had seen the debut of famous faces of the cinema such as Margot Robbie. And so, with a post dedicated to him, directly on the official Instagram page, the editors of the soap wanted to pay tribute to the one who gave life to all this. And with words that take up a message that the same had left to his collaborators.