A place in the sun, twist: a beloved actor leaves the TV series, desperate fans

A beloved actor of “Un posto al sole” leaves the TV series, bad blow for the fans: no one would have ever expected it

Twist in the soap opera shot entirely in our country: the actor will leave the set, at least temporarily. A very bad blow for the fans. It is in fact one of the most loved characters of the soap opera.

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Actor of A place in the sun leaves the soap opera (Source: Facebook)

A place in the sun, beloved actor leaves the TV series

Un posto al sole is a soap opera broadcast on Rai 3. The first episode aired on 21 October 1996. It is the first soap opera set entirely in Italy, almost entirely in Naples, and is the longest running soap opera of the Italian television. The soap is based on the format of “Neighbors”, an Australian series that tells the story of some families who live in the imaginary “Ramsay Street”.

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Unlike classic soaps focused on decontextualized and timeless love intrigues, the soap’s narrative is strongly rooted in contemporary reality. There plot revolves around the life of the inhabitants of an apartment building, Palladini Palace, located on the hill of Posillipo, a district of Naples located in front of Vesuvius.

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In the last few hours, some very bad news has come for fans of the soap opera. An actor beloved by the public greeted the cast. It is about Alessandro Amato D’Auria, which in the television series he plays Vittorio Del Bue, son of Guido. The actor is one of the most loved by the public, both for his skill and for the strong irony of the character. In the soap opera story, Vittorio is about to leave for a trip to Europe. He will probably be away from the set for quite some time.


Fans are hoping it’s not a definitive goodbye, but in the meantime the actor has already greeted the cast and thanked the audience with an Instagram post.
In the cast of “Un posto al sole” there will also be returns and new entries. Characters such as Salvatore Cerruti (Cosimo Alberti), Luigi Cotugno (Walter Melchionda) Viola (Ilenia Lazzarin), Eugenio (Paolo Romano) and above all Otello Testa (Lucio Allocca) should return. There should also be a new entry: a female character linked to Roberto Ferri.