A real charm! Do you know that she is the daughter of a well-known actress? Striking resemblance

Her name is Caterina and she is the daughter of a famous actress, did you manage to recognize her? The resemblance to his mom is truly striking.

There are no words to describe its beauty: it is a real charm! Her name is Caterina. She is very young. And she is the undisputed star of a successful television series. But not only. In addition to having a truly innate talent, the young Caterina is the daughter of a beloved and well-known Italian actress.

She is the daughter of a famous Italian actress: they are identical. Photo Source: Instagram

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All we do is talk about her: the young Catherine! Very young, but with a truly incredible talent, the girl has recently made her debut as an actress. And, of course, it has already conquered everyone. In fact, in this last period, she is one of the undisputed protagonists of an Amazon Prime television series. Do you know, in fact, that, right on the Amazon platform, there is a series that tells the life of Carlo Verdone? Really incredible, no doubt about it! You know, however, that Caterina is not the only one in the family to have a talent and to enjoy a truly ruthless success. She, as we said, is in fact there daughter of a beloved actress. But did you manage to recognize it? Look carefully at the photo: mother and daughter are two real drops of water. Let’s find out everything together.

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She is the daughter of a beloved Italian actress: they are two drops of water

Were you able to recognize this incredible similarity too? How to blame you: mother and daughter are really identical, no doubt about it. At this point, however, we ask ourselves: who are we talking about? The answer is very simple. Caterina, from what we read from the web, has the surname De Angelis. Is your surname not new to you at all? You are right! This is the former partner of Margherita Buy!

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Yes, you have seen very well! Caterina is none other than the daughter of the legendary and extraordinary Margherita Buy, also a beloved Italian actress. Unfortunately, to date, the information we have about him is very minimal. What, however, we know is that, in these days, she made her debut as an actress. And it drove pretty much everyone crazy.

famous actress daughter
Photo Source: Instagram

Now, therefore, we just have to wait for her exploit as an actress. Because, we are sure, it will come!