A record-breaking African anticyclone is coming, the long hot phase begins

The weather forecast ends on Sunday 17 July

One month after Ferragosto, the summer heat wave has already accompanied us for 65 days. In fact, since May 10, five African heat waves have reached our country. Now the sixth wave has started to hit the Iberian Peninsula with 45/46 ° C in the shade and is expanding towards Italy in these hours: it is Apocalypse4800, the new anticyclone that takes its name from the exceptional heat present also in altitude, on our mountains. Heat which, unfortunately, has also favored the recent dramatic detachment on the Marmolada.

The ‘crazy’ climate, mainly due to man, will bring the freezing point up to 4800 meters: the freezing point is the meteorological datum that indicates the altitude above which the temperature is always below zero.

In other words, with Apocalisse4800, with the freezing point at 4800 meters, temperatures will not go below zero even on the roof of Europe, not even on Mont Blanc: the ice and snow will melt at an impressive rate.

Mont Blanc, 4809 meters, on June 18 has already registered 10 ° C on the summit, but in these hours the conditions are even worse: the ice and snow melt, and Apocalisse4800 reminds us that we must intervene immediately to protect our glaciers, our mountains and our ecosystem in general. Record heat in the mountains with freezing at 4800 meters means disasters even in the plains with dry rivers and extreme drought everywhere.

With this new African push, among other things, Germany, Denmark and even England, Ireland and Scotland could also be included in the ‘hot’ list of nations at risk of extreme heat.

A European heat wave over much of the continent with 40 ° C expected in Paris, 37 ° C in London and 30 ° C in Dublin. In England there is an ‘amber’ alert from Sunday to Tuesday for heat-related risks, in France the ‘orange’ alert is already in force for 7 departments in the south of the country and the fire alert also in the Rhone Valley where it is expected the Mistral (Mistral) between today and tomorrow.

Returning to Italy, Apocalisse4800, the new North African ascent, will already bring a first taste of a long hot phase that at best could last until the middle of next week, at worst until the end of July; and we don’t want to look further.

Antonio Sanò, Director and Founder of the site www.iLMeteo.it, therefore confirms a rapid and clear increase in temperatures: Lombardy and Emilia will be the areas reached today by 37/38 degrees in the shade, between Saturday and Sunday the heat will expand also towards the Center-South.

The news is that values ​​well above the average, between 36 and 38 ° C will accompany us for at least a week over most of Italy, with locally even much higher peaks.

An extreme situation with an equally worrying trend: the prestigious European center ECMWF indicates for the quarter September-October-November temperatures definitely above the average on our continent. Obviously, from October onwards you will breathe (we hope), but this trend indicates that even September could ‘give’ waves of African heat: in that case, Summer 2022 would be remembered as the longest ever, a season consisting of 5 hot months : May, June, July, August and September in the company of the African heat. A true apocalypse, especially at high altitude.


Friday 15. In the North: sunny and very hot, some thunderstorms on the borders of the Triveneto. In the Center: sunny and warm. In the South: sunny.

Saturday 16th. In the North: sunny and very hot. In the Center: sunny and very hot. In the South: sunny and warm.

Sunday 17th. In the North: sunny and very hot. In the Center: sunny and very hot. In the South: sunny and very hot.

Trend. In the following days, further intensification of the North African anticyclone; constantly rising temperatures, intense and persistent heat.