A refuge for freedom, DiRe’s crowdfounding for Afghan women

Due to the restored Taliban regime in Afghanistan, many women have fled the country and many others will try to leave it in the coming months to escape the violence that is spreading under the helpless eyes of the international community.
In Italy, the DiRe network explains, there is still no knowledge of the funds that will be made available for the reception of these women, who have often already experienced male violence based on gender.
To allow the member organizations of the network to respond to requests for support and hospitality, a specific Fund has been set up with the aim of supporting Afghan refugee women in Italy, through financial support to the organizations of the DiRe Network that host them, to accompany them. in paths of acceptance and integration.

Who can access the Fund

All organizations adhering to the DiRe Network will be able to access the Fund. Each can report only one individual project, so as to guarantee a territorial distribution of the contribution. Each request will be evaluated and the sum will be disbursed until the resources are exhausted.

What expenses does the Fund cover

The Fund will support the maintenance costs of the Afghan women hosted (food, lodging, utilities), telephone utilities (new SIM cards for the female guests), medical expenses, Italian language courses, interventions by cultural mediators.

The organizations of the DiRe network that host them can be supported with a donation on Eppela MSD Crowdcaring