A ship with 12 sailors on board is missing off the coast of Türkiye

During a violent storm a ship and its twelve crew members disappeared in the north-west of Turkey. The Turkish authorities announced it. “The vessel Kafkametler, flying the Turkish flag, issued a distress signal today at 10:29 (…) Our efforts to contact the vessel remained unanswered”, announced the General Maritime Directorate, the Turkish public body that depends on the Ministry of Transport. The vessel, which was transporting ferrosilicon, had left the port of Temryuk, in Russia, and was headed to Aliaga (in the photo the port), in Türkiye.

The last signal

The ship transmitted its last signal off the coast of Eregli in northwestern Turkey. “Due to bad weather, it is currently impossible to reach the location of the vessel or establish close visual contact. Search and rescue operations by air and sea vehicles will be launched as soon as weather permits,” the management added maritime. In his last communication with Turkish authorities, the captain said the vessel was drifting towards a breakwater off Eregli.

The wave of bad weather

Strong winds and storms hit many areas of Turkey today, particularly in the north-west. Another ship, flying the Cameroonian flag, split into two parts due to violent waves in Eregli, after the entire crew managed to be evacuated safely. Strong winds and rain also caused flooding and damage in Sile and Garipçe, two coastal cities on the Black Sea near Istanbul, without causing any casualties or injuries.