A simple but wonderful villa: here is Alessandra Amoroso’s holiday home

Alessandra Amoroso is spending her holidays with her family and on social media she showed some corners of her home: look what a ‘little gem’!

Like most Italian artists, too Alessandra Amoroso he is dedicating himself a little to relaxation in these torrid days of mid-August. The much loved winner of Friends 8who has become a real star of Italian music, is spending her holidays in the most relaxing and enjoyable way for those who, like her, are often out and about for work.

Alessandra Amoroso villa Salento (Credits: Instagram)

In fact, she returned to her Puglia, precisely in the wonderful Salento, to whom she continues to feel very attached despite having lived in Rome for some time. To keep her company and give her the right charge after months of work is of course her family, with whom the singer celebrated her. his 36th birthday last August 12.

In the latest Instagram photos published by the artist we can see some glimpses of the splendid house that houses her and the rest of the group. What you immediately notice is the simplicity of the villa in which they dominate light colors that convey a sense of tranquility and peace perfect for resting during the holidays. Then there is another detail that strikes and enchants, let’s see which one!

Have you seen Alessandra Amoroso’s holiday home? Impossible not to notice that detail

After inaugurating his Everything Happens Tour on 13 July with a first concert at San Siro, the former face of Friends is preparing for the next dates scheduled for the months of November and December 2022 in various cities including Naples, Padua, Rome, Bari and Florence.

In the meantime, therefore, Alessandra Amoroso takes the opportunity to enjoy the well-deserved rest and recover the energy necessary to return to the stage. Between a romantic sunset and a day on the splendid Salento beachesa place worth admiring is the holiday home that hosts the singer and her loved ones.

It is a villa equipped with a garden full of greenery, which will certainly be the joy of her granddaughter! It is in this part of the house that the talented artist dedicates herself to training or playing with little Andrea. Also present an outdoor kitchen which will surely serve to prepare tasty dinners for pleasant tables and meetings with friends.

Alessandra Amoroso holiday home
Alessandra Amoroso on vacation (Credits: Instagram)

In addition to white, it also prevails the green of trees and lush plants that also adorn the walls. The paving of the garden is also delightful, alternating with the lush lawn on which Alessandra’s family members love to sit and have a chat.

Alessandra Amoroso holiday home
Alessandra Amoroso villa in Puglia (Credits: Instagram)

Serene, relaxed and happy: this is how the talented Alessandra appears in this photo, but how could she not be in such an oasis of peace?