A splendid and luxurious villa: where Iva Zanicchi lives, this is her home

Have you ever wondered where Iva Zanicchi lives and have you ever seen her villa? It is truly immense and full of crazy details.

It is among the great voices of Italian music, Iva Zanicchi. Recently on the stage of Sanremo with her “I want to love you”, the famous eagle from Ligonchio has shown that she has no age when she is an artist at 360 degrees.

Have you ever seen the villa where Iva Zanicchi lives? Credits: Instagram

Starting to take her first steps in the world of music when she was just a girl, Iva Zanicchi was able to easily impress everyone with her voice and her skill. Even today, despite the fact that years have passed since her debut, the singer is among the most loved and famous faces of our local music. What do we know, though, about her? Before participating in the Sanremo Festival, we told you about her partner Fausto, who recently promised to marry, and about her daughter Michela. If we ask you, however, some more information about hers about hers villa, could you give us an answer? Apparently, Iva Zanicchi lives in Brianza in a crazy house: let’s discover together some of her details.

Have you ever seen the villa where Iva Zanicchi lives? It’s crazy!

After the houses of the three tenors of Il Volo, we cannot help but show you some details of the villa of Iva Zanicchi. As we said, it would seem that the famous Aquila di Ligonchio lives in Brianza in a house where even the smallest thing has been studied in detail. How do we know this? Sifting through her Instagram channel a little, we were able to track down a few more small details. The house, we assure you, is truly immense. And in addition to having immense and spacious rooms, she has a garden at her disposal where the singer puts her green thumb into practice.

Iva Zanicchi villa
Instagram Credits

We do not know what room it is, but as you can clearly see from the image shown above, it is widely spacious and full of works. In fact, not only is there a large sofa with red and orange cushions, but on the walls there are quite remarkable paintings.

vat zanicchi stay
Credits: Instagram

Could a great voice like hers ever give up music? Absolutely not! Even the very nice Iva, in fact, has a piano in the house. What, however, you cannot help but notice are all the details that make the room very special and stylish. Starting, therefore, from the carpets chosen to the paintings hanging on the strictly white walls.

zanicchi kitchen
Credits: Instagram

Not only plants and gardening, but also cooking is one of Iva Zanicchi’s greatest passions. Have you seen the room? Really crazy!