A Springsteen song played by Shawn Mendes in Tommy Hilfiger’s new commercial

A song by Bruce Springsteen is the protagonist (in fact it is not just the soundtrack) of the new Tommy Hilfiger commercial, as the first result of the sale of the Boss catalog.

It is “Dancing in the Dark”, the hit taken from the album “Born in the USA” and released as the first single in 1984. For the occasion it was remade by Shawn Mendes, who offers his own version for the new campaign of the US fashion brand In the new commercial – titled “Classics Reborn” – the Canadian singer-songwriter, musician and model runs, plays and poses while wearing the shirts and jeans of the fashion brand, all paying homage both visually and soundly to the Boss.

The version signed by Mendes updates the rock classic by cloaking it with a certain pop charm. Track number two of “Born in the USA” is therefore seen to amplify that pop atmosphere based on the synthesizers of the original, with a result that modernizes the sound and makes it more in step with the times and with the ears of young people.

The commercial – 1.14 minutes long in the extended version and 75 seconds in the short one – shows Shawn Mendes playing the electric guitar, wearing a pair of light-washed jeans (iconic for both Tommy Hilfiger and Bruce Springsteen, which we couldn’t imagine ourselves dressed differently).

Even the sleeveless white shirt sported by Mendes in one scene clearly refers to the typical look of America’s most famous rocker.
Not to mention the detail of the bandana tucked into the right back pocket of the jeans, which blatantly mentions the cover of “Born in the USA” (where, however, instead of the bandana there is a red baseball cap, under which you can clearly see the ‘red label of the jeans worn by Bruce Springteen, a clear sign that it is a pair of Levi’s).

The idea behind this advertisement is perhaps precisely in a sort of challenge that the brand specialized in jeans, Tommy Hilfiger, wants to launch to its competition, the other giant of American denim: Levi’s, in fact. As if to say that now the jeans that wear rock stars are by Tommy Hilfiger, even if the rocker in question is certainly not the most famous American music legend. And this not only because Shawn Mendes makes pop or even because he is Canadian … With all due respect for this young and talented artist, the Boss is not surprisingly the Boss.

You can watch Tommy Hilfiger’s full commercial with Shawn Mendes remaking Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” in the video at the bottom of this article.

The Mendes-Tommy Hilfiger collaboration

A tweet from the fashion house’s official profile announces that the “TommyXShawn” collaboration is part of Hilfiger’s plan to “reimagine” the brand’s classic style into more sustainable fashion.
For this reason, the brand on May 13th announced that its #PlayItForward campaign – with Mendes testimonial and absolute protagonist – will include the singer’s eco-sustainable mission for his “Wonder: The World Tour”, supporting regenerated cotton cultivation projects.
The company said the new collection, launched on Monday May 16, features “iconic pieces made with organic cotton, […] which is kinder to the planet. “

For his part (literally) Shawn Mendes reiterated that Hilfiger is committed to investing $ 1 million to make his next tour greener.

At the Met Gala which took place earlier this month, the singer wore a stylish recycled suit made for him by Hilfiger, just ten days before announcing the partnership.

Below we show you the full Tommy Hilfiger commercial with Shawn Mendes remaking Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” and then Tommy Hilfiger’s tweet with Mendes’ video announcing the collaboration.