A strong clash arises at GF Vip, the accusation sends him into a rage: “What are you saying?”

GF Vip, they accuse him and he goes on a rampage, the clash at home starts: “I don’t give a c ***”.

Big Brother Vip is catching everyone’s attention. What happened against Marco Bellavia outraged the audience. They were asked loudly about the measures that arrived in the last episode. Ginevra Lamborghini was disqualified and Giovanni Ciacci was eliminated through a flash televoting.

GF Vip, clash (credits: mediaset play)

After the episode, the competitors were able to talk about what happened and discuss other issues. A discussion has broken out between Patrizia Rossetti and Pamela Prati. The latter asked in the confessional for a private room and a bathroom because she was not feeling very well. At this point Rossetti got angry saying that she is not fair towards others.

He accused her of pretending to be sick and passing out. While she was talking in the garden with Cristina and Carolina, the showgirl heard and the clash, which had begun earlier, continued. In the last few hours the competitors celebrated Edoardo’s birthday. For the occasion they got dressed and dressed up. While they were in the garden, a clash between the competitors suddenly arose.

GF Vip, a clash arises at home: they accuse him and he goes on a rampage

In the house of the GF Vip, every moment seems good for a fight. Since the reality started we have seen multiple clashes between competitors. The issue of bullying against Marco Bellavia has sparked several controversies. Antonella Fiordelisi has often clashed with Gegia.

He accused the latter of having told Marco to leave because he was not well. The actress instead criticized her saying she was a liar. There does not seem to be a sympathy between the two, so much so that they have argued several times. In these hours a new discussion has arisen. This night the competitors celebrated Edoardo Donnamaria’s birthday. At one point, however, a quarrel arose between Luca, Elenoire and Crisitina: the reason? The contestant got a massage from Nikita. The gesture she caused would seem to be Ferruzzi’s indignation because she said that when the two of them got close, chaos broke out. Same gesture that then provoked the ‘reproach’ of the Quaranta.

gf vip clash
Clash after accusation (credits: twitter)

The latter in fact said that if his girlfriend had seen he would have agreed with her. Luca for his part explained that it was just a massage without malice and in friendship. This accusation sent him into a rage. “I have nothing against him, I don’t want to hug him. Each time these insults “, Elenoire then said and Luca repliedor: “But insults of that, I have always come to you, but what are you saying, I know my f *** what I do. I’ve always behaved like a mature person and what people say I don’t give a shit ”. The competitor then left.