A summer ago, from 6 October the first episode of the Sky crime TV series

Poised between the nostalgia and lightness of the 90s and crime, it arrives tomorrow, 6 October, on Sky and streaming on NOW A summer agothe new series Sky Original produced by Sky Studios and Fabula Pictures with protagonists Linen Pillow And Filippo Scotti (THE SPECIAL – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW). From tomorrow evening, every Friday for four weeks two new episodes will be broadcast on Sky Atlantic (also available on demand).

THE 90’s

A summer like only those experienced by boys, between first loves, bonfires on the beach, sea, music, Italy ’90, is suddenly interrupted by an inexplicable tragedy, the disappearance of a girl. A mystery that from 1990 reaches the present day, when a body is unexpectedly found. Arianna’s, Elio’s desperate love. Who is the main suspect in his murder, 30 years later. Trying to find out what really happened to Arianna and to exonerate himself from the accusation of being the one who killed her, Elio will have to carry out an investigation between past and present which for him perhaps also hides the hope of being able to change things and save her.. .

The soundtrack on Spotify

The soundtrack of the series is also markedly nostalgic, which alongside the original music composed by Michele Braga includes many hits from the 80s and 90s, for an unmissable playlist – curated by Valerio Errico and Marco De Angelis and now available on Spotify – which is a real dive into the past and lists many of the wonderful hits of the summers of those years: from “Bette Davis Eyes” by Kim Carnes to a-Ha’s “Take on me”, Depeche Mode’s ” Enjoy the Silence”, the Tears for Fears of “Shout”. And again, among others, “The Power of Love” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, “Amore Desperato” by Nada, “Un’estate italiana” by Edoardo Bennato and Gianna Nannini and, obviously, “Un’estate fa”. Of the famous song by Franco Califano which gives the title to the Sky Original series, in One Summer Ago both Mina’s beloved version and a surprising unreleased cover created especially for the series by Francesca Michielin (feat. Altarboy) find space. She said: «Reinterpreting this great classic of Italian music was fun and stimulating. “Un’estate fa” has been revived in many versions and this one, so fresh and with an 80s flavour, I particularly like. Collaborating with Altarboy – he continues – was a great honor for me, I love their productions. I’m really happy to have taken part in this project, a beautiful series with a wonderful cast.”


In addition to Lino Guanciale, Filippo Scotti, Claudia Pandolfi and Antonia Fotaras, the series also stars Nicole Grimaudo, Paolo Pierobon, Alessio Praticò, Tobia De Angelis, Martina Gatti, Luca Maria Vannuccini, Sofia Iacuitto, Anna Ferzetti, Orlando Cinque, Alessio Piazza, Ginevra Francesconi, Francesco Foti, Denis Fasolo, Luciano Scarpa, Massimo De Santis, Francesco Della Torre, Giovanni Buselli, Giulio Tropea, Giulio Turbulent, Giovanni De Giorgi, Eleonora Giovanardi, Claudio Bigagli, Paolo Triestino, Elisabetta De Palo, Agnese Nano, Massimo Daiuto.


One Summer Ago is a Sky Original series produced by Sky Studios and Fabula Pictures, directed by Davide Marengo and Marta Savina, created by Michele Alberico and Massimo Bacchini and written by Valerio Cilio, Federico Favot, Michele Alberico and Massimo Bacchini. Made with the contribution of the Apulia Film Commission and the Puglia Region.

During the various stages of production, measures have been adopted to limit the impact on the environment, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions and in order to obtain the coveted Albert sustainability certification. A choice in line with the commitment of the Sky group which, with the Sky Zero campaign, aims to be the first media company in Europe to become Net Zero Carbon by 2030.


The summer of 1990 for a group of friends is marked by Elio’s memory loss and Arianna’s disappearance. Today Elio lives a seemingly normal life when the discovery of the girl’s body opens a murder investigation. For Elio it is an opportunity to recover memories that he thought were lost forever.


Having overcome the amazement and disorientation of the “journey” in the summer of ’90, Elio throws himself into the investigation. He spies on Filippo, Arianna’s boyfriend, because he suspects he may be hiding something. In the present, Zancan considers Elio the main suspect in Arianna’s death, while Elio comes into possession of a VHS that shows an unsuspected aspect of the girl.