A summer ago, Lino Guanciale and Filippo Scotti played the character of Elio. VIDEO

Elio is the protagonist of A summer ago, the new Sky Original series which will arrive exclusively on Sky and streaming only on Now starting from 6 October (READ EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW). Playing him are two actors, Lino Guanciale and Filippo Scotti, who lend him their face, body and voice in two different moments of his life. Guanciale and Scotti talk about Lino and the series in the video at the top of this article.

A mysterious death

A summer ago, explains Guanciale, is “the story of a group of friends within which a tragic event happens”. A girl is found dead and Elio is the last one who saw her, the last one who was with her and 30 years after her disappearance he finds himself having the possibility of going back in time and begins an investigation in an attempt to save what he has lost.


Elio, explains Lino Guanciale, is “an interrupted man”, divided “into two distinct segments, between what he was in the past and what he is in the present”. He has cut ties with the past, he is a man who “is missing a piece” and who somatizes the need to recover what he has lost with migraines and amnesia. Filippo Scotti instead talks about the other Elio, the eighteen-year-old, more shy but also more serene than his adult counterpart. You can see the video with Lino Guanciale and Filippo Scotti at the head of this article.