A summer ago, magical nights of an Italian Saturday. The review of the third episode

“Maybe it won’t be a song/To change the rules of the game/But I want to live this adventure like this/Without borders and with my heart in my throat”, so sang Edoardo Bennato and Gianna Nanni in An Italian summer, the official anthem of Italia 90, known to most by the title of Magic Nights. And ultimately the character of Elio (played by Lino Guanciale and Filippo Scotti) also tries to change the established order. In this third episode of One summer ago (THE SPECIAL – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW), available on Sky On Demand and NOW, the lawyer investigates the videotape which shows that Arianna had a secret lover. New Philip Marlowe, wandering in time between present and past, the protagonist of the Sky Original series searches for evidence of betrayal. But despite the famous proverb, in this case lies have the long legs of a complicated, mysterious and elusive teenage girl. Between clandestine bets, bicycle races and the presence of two new characters, the third episode of the transgenerational thriller produced by Sky Studios and Fabula Pictures is an intriguing mystery with a very surprising final twist, embellished as always by the evocative photography of Davide Manca .

I’m innocent

As in the two previous episodes to introduce us to the atmosphere of the third episode di One summer ago it is a character who breaks the fourth wall and addresses the audience. In this case it is Isotta, a measured and convincing Nicole Grimaudo. Elio’s wife, a sensitive but strong-willed interior designer, testifies to her faith in her husband’s innocence with a heartfelt monologue “Elio is a good man. And he has always been wonderful, but in recent years even his former friends who abandoned him have questioned his amnesia. And we know very well how he suffered. The truth is that he had nothing to do with Arianna’s death. Everyone points to him as guilty and no one says the only thing that should be evident: Elio is also a victim.” Strong words, which refer to the unforgettable protagonists who were victims of circumstances and prejudices such as Henry Fonda of The thief by Alfred Hitchcock or by I’m innocent signed by Fritz Lang. However, to paraphrase Shakespeare, the world is not Elio’s friend and neither are his laws. Especially Lauretta, the cynical and acute girl from Ariccia, who as an adult has the face of Anna Ferzetti.

He was my father

But above all Inspector Zancan (but how successful this character is! finally in a TV series a law enforcement officer far from clichéd rushes). Together with her companion Gori (Alessio Pratico), the policeman breaks into the apartment of Pietro, the elderly father of Elio (Massimo Daiuto) devastated by Alzheimer’s. Between a rant about President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and a delirious invective against Americans, the elderly parent reveals to the couple a detail that could worsen the position of the lawyer Santamaria. On the other hand, inspectors are not paying you to be polite or appropriate. The third new entry is the adult version of Filippo (Giovanni De Giorgi, Arianna’s boyfriend). Alas: Sic transit Gloria Mundi. The brash and brawny promise of swimming is a distant memory. The former young champion is left with only the pain and regret for not having saved his beloved. We know dreams die at dawn.

An Italian Saturday and a Plan B

“And on this ordinary Saturday, an Italian Saturday/The worst seems to be over/The night is an airship that takes us away far away”. This is how Sergio Caputo solphified more than 30 years ago. But that Saturday, June 14, 1990, will not be remembered as a day like any other. At the Olympic stadium in Rome, “Giuseppe Giannini (known as “Er Principe” solves the match against the United States. An easy match on paper, much less so on the pitch. The match has an importance that goes beyond the support for the Azzurri for the young protagonists of the series. And despite the victory of the Italian national team, the night risks being nothing at all for Elio and friends. In short, there is a risk of collapse and even of taking a beating. But regardless of what those of the A -Team it is essential to always have a B plan.

She’s got Bette Davis eyes

She has Bette Davis’ eyes in this third episode from One Summer Ago. It enchants you, captures you, surprises you like in Kim Carnes’ song. Eyes that remember Arianna’s. In the frantic and tortuous search to save what she has lost. Elio tries to recover the relationship with his daughter Alice (Ginevra Francesconi), given how the one with Pietro clouded by dementia ended. You don’t always score in life. But you always have to try. Fathers and sons, husbands and wives, men and women, girls and boys play the game of life on two tables. While Gazebo sings I like Chopin. Maybe Ennio Flaiano was right. “There is only one season: summer. So beautiful that the others circle around it.”