A summer ago, the party is here. The review of the fifth episode of the Sky Original series

“Don’t celebrate the passing of time, but spend the time celebrating.” Perhaps it would be appropriate to follow this hedonistic advice, often printed on greeting cards. However, the suggestion will not be followed by the protagonists of the fifth episode of One summer ago (THE SPECIAL – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW – THE REVIEW OF THE SIXTH EPISODE), available on Sky On Demand and Now). The two timelines of the transgenerational thriller have now merged like the fly and the scientist Seth Brundle in the cult horror directed by David Cronenberg in 1986. And as often happens on the big and small screen, just think of the ending of The sweet life, during the parties the participants reveal their deepest nature, the secrets are revealed. The truth pops out, just like a beautiful girl from the cake. But the dessert is often poisoned, and the girl flirts with death

The party is over

The incipit of the fifth episode of A summer ago it’s a bad trip. LSD plays tricks on the mind of the young Elio (Filippo Scotti), while the adult version of the pusher Carmine (Orlando Cinque) looking at the spectators’ faces reveals: “Everyone knows who killed the girl”. Except that acid alters sensory perception and more. Reality shatters into a thousand hallucinations. The boy gets lost in the maze of his own mind and Arianna has no red thread to help him find the exit. Among stroboscopic effects, distorted voices, past and present are reflected, the images multiply and become confused. But the reality will prove to be even more terrifying than the lysergic nightmare

Scenes from a marriage in crisis

As we know, hallucinations cannot be controlled. And not even marital crises. Those are scenes of a marriage adrift that are shown to us in episode 5 of One summer ago. Elio is now lost in the past even when he lives in the present and his wife Isotta no longer recognizes him. Not even the idea of ​​taking her daughter Alice to visit what remains of the “L’onda” campsite will prove to be a happy idea. The new meeting with Lauretta (Anna Ferzetti) in the sumptuous attic will only reveal that Rome seen from above appears “beautiful and stupid”, as she should be, for some, the ideal woman. Of course, the party that June of the 90s marked the beginning of the love story between Lauretta and Mamo and between Carmine and Costanza. But the identity of Arianna’s killer seems increasingly mysterious.

The songs tell the truth

Barrels of cocaine that risk turning into a tragedy. Donatella Rettore who reminds us that “The cobra is not a snake/But a frequent thought/That becomes indecent”, while Raffaella Carrà warns everyone: “Tonight I would like/To go back in time/And return to the time that/you were there /To hug you and never think about it again.” As Fanny Ardant suggested in the film Lto lady next door (1981): “I only listen to songs because they tell the truth. The sillier they are, the truer they are.” And at the end the soundtrack of the Sky Origina seriesl One summer ago it is a sort of Greek chorus, a real added character. And between a game of twister, a sudden fistfight, a sunrise spent on the beach, a panda with folding seats transfigured into a coffin, the investigations of inspector Zancan (Paolo Pierobon) and his companion Gori (Alessio Praticò) move at the home of the Santamaria family. To quote Loredana Bertè’s verses from a 1981 song, “I will sing/Slowly like this agony of mine/The hopes that go away every time/The love that I don’t have/I will sing/And this song inside me will be sweet/That every day I will sing again for you/If you ask me.” In short, the past devours the present like Saturn his children and Helios risks losing everything.