A summer ago, the protagonists Lino Guanciale and Claudia Pandolfi. VIDEO

Linen Pillow And Claudia Pandolfi they are Elio and Costanza, the protagonists of A summer ago, the Sky Original series arriving exclusively on Sky and streaming only on Now from 6 October. The two met after filming was over for a chat in front of the Sky cameras, which you can see in the video at the head of this article.

A dive into the 90s

A summer ago is a dive into the 90s and so, the chat between the actor and the actress could only lead straight to the fondest memories of adolescence. Because even if it all starts with questions about his career, about how he started (“this job chose me,” he says Claudia Pandolfiwho later also says that her dream as a young girl was to be a gymnast) and how she started the other one (a more classic “theatre workshop in high school in Avezzano”), the conversation becomes more and more personal.


Guanciale thus confesses that he is nostalgic, but “in time”, because after a while, he explains, he gets bored and the memories hurt. But in the end, digging into their personal past, the two discover that they have a lot in common, from before acting together in One Summer Ago and even from before they met for the first time at an audition. We won’t reveal anything more to you, to know better Lino Guanciale, Claudia Pandolfi and their characters of A summer agowatch the video at the top of the article.