A Suspicious Husband, Christophe Lamotte’s film based on a true story

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A suspicious husband, thriller-drama film directed by Christophe Lamotte in 2019, you see protagonist Alice (Laurence Arné), a forty-year-old nurse, who leads an apparently serene life alongside her husband Thomas Kertez (Kad Merad) and son Romain. Her everyday life, however, is about to be hopelessly upset from an agonizing suspicion: the film is inspired by the real news storystill unsolved, of the man who in 2011, in France, massacred his family and then disappeared into thin air.

The plot of the movie

Alice’s quiet life will change when she begins to suspect the husband is a notorious killer, who disappeared years earlier after exterminating the family. What Alice has always considered her better half of hers, as well as her father and son, would not actually be the kind and calm man she lived with all those years, but he would hide the identity of a heinous murderer That fifteen years earlier disappeared into thin air after exterminating his family. Investigating this terrible suspicion is the police chief Sophie Lancelle (Géraldine Pailhas), who has never stopped looking for the person responsible for those heinous crimes. Thomas, who loudly professes his innocence, finds himself involved in the suspicions of two women: on the one hand Alice, his wife, who does not want to be completely convinced that her husband is a murderer, and on the other Sophie, firmly certain, instead , that Thomas is the heinous criminal he’s been looking for for so many years. And while the labile line between truth and lies begins to get confused, even Alice will be more and more convinced of her suspicion.

The real (and terrible) news story

A suspicious husbandis freely inspired by a unsolved murder case which upset the France in April 2011, when the five bodies of the Dupont family (wife and four children) were found lifeless inside their home in Nantes, precisely buried in the garden of the house. Suspicions immediately fell on the head of the family, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, who disappeared into thin air. Subsequently, the police also found a series of letters in which Xavier claimed that his family had left the country to join a religious group: veracity of the letters subsequently discredited and denied by the police force. And despite the numerous efforts of the French authorities, thanks also to the various reports on Xavier’s whereabouts, the “Dupont affair” is still open and unresolved. As you can imagine, the case garnered enormous media attention, with various motives being advanced for the murders, including economic problems, ties to secret organizations, or family conflicts. The French police, despite the continuous leads that led the investigation to nowhere, are still hopeful of being able to find Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès and drag him to justice.