A terrible shock: he publicly recounts the illness when he learned of the betrayal

The sports champion reveals after years the shock she had when she discovered the betrayal of her ex boyfriend: what exactly happened.

Watching her practice it sport which has always been his passion, it is immediately understood why his competitive career is one of the most brilliant. However, many successes on a professional level did not spare her difficult moments in private life. And, as happens to almost everyone at least once in their life in love or in other types of relationships, she too has had to deal with the pain of betrayal.

Shock betrayal trauma revelation (Credits: Instagram)

We are talking about Flavia Pennettapride of Italian tennis: together with Francesca Schiavone, she is the only compatriot of ours to have won the tournament of Grand Slam and that of double of the legends al Roland Garros. It is also the first to be included in the top ten of the world ranking.

The 40-year-old from Puglia has been happily married to her colleague for six years Fabio Fognini: the two were friends for a long time before discovering that love was born between them and today they are a solid and very close couple. Together they built a wonderful family and became the parents of three children: Federico, Farah and Flaminia, who will be one year old next December.

Before Fognini, the Spanish tennis player was at his side Carlos Moya, but that story ended because of his betrayal. To the Corriere della SeraPennetta told for the first time in years the pain she felt at the discovery of the shots stolen by the paparazzi that immortalized Moya while kissing another woman.

Flavia Pennetta confesses the shock of the betrayal suffered: the background is only now emerging

The sportswoman revealed that it was Moya himself who warned her about the photos before she saw them with her own eyes. At that moment, she was engaged in a match against Cibulkova: when the opponent went to the bathroom, she took the opportunity to take a look at her cell phone and she found a message from Carlos writing her “Call me”.

“I lose the meeting in five minutes, I call him back: what happened? ‘All right’, he says, but some photos with a friend of mine in Amsterdam came out in a newspaper … ‘And what are you doing?’, I ask. ‘We kiss’, he replies ”, Flavia tells the microphones of the Courier. An understandably shocking news, which even caused her a sickness: “I fell to the ground, fainted. I lost 11 kilos in six days: I didn’t eat, didn’t sleep, didn’t breathe. I idealized it, then I understood it ”.

As things turned out then, that pain proved to be a great blessing because it gave her the opportunity to fall in love with her current husband and to continue to collect sporting achievements: “He gave me the most beautiful and precious gift: him then he married the love of his life, he gave me back my life. To Carlos, who put the horns on me, I must say thank you because if I had stayed with him I would have stopped much earlier and I would never have won what I have won ”.

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Shock betrayal fainting story (Credits: Instagram)

Congratulations to Flavia and her husband for the beautiful family they have created.