“A thin thread entangles Giorgia and Enrico”, the reactions to Follini’s analysis

The comments on Follini’s ‘Point of View’ for Adnkronos

Giorgia Meloni and Enrico Letta, two leaders united by an ‘invisible’ thread, or rather by the “awareness” that they will never, ever find themselves “having to live together under the same government roof”. It is the analysis of Marco Follini, contained in his “Point of view” for Adnkronos.

ROUND – A thought also shared by Gianfranco Rotondi, vice president of the Forza Italia group in the Chamber and founder of ‘Verde è Popolare’. “I can only marry this analysis,” says the deputy to Adnkronos. “I am a friend of Follini, Meloni and Letta. I am conditioned by the friendship for the author of the article. But having made this premise, there is no doubt that Meloni and Letta stand out as two ‘half’ prime ministerial candidates”. Why ‘means’? “Meloni and Letta lead their respective coalitions by a small numerical margin, they are outlined as the ‘cards’ on which the useful vote will crowd. The growth in the polls of Fratelli d’Italia and the Democratic Party is basically growth fueled by the useful vote. The more they outline how the cards to play, the more they grow. I agree with Follini’s prediction, but I take the liberty of adding some advice, both to Meloni and to Letta “, continues the Christian Democrat parliamentarian.

“For the intelligence, honesty and esteem they enjoy in the country, in my opinion Meloni and Letta are both possible prime candidates to whom they can confidently entrust the keys to the government of the country. But they both lack what was once called ‘party a majority vocation ‘: the other half of the apple is missing, so to speak “, observes Rotondi, who adds:” To realize this possibility, Meloni and Letta must add half an apple to the half that he gave them to the electorate. Letta must speak with Renzi, Calenda, the 5 Stars, must clear up his broad field: he must put himself in the center, outline a new party with a majority vocation. Only in this way can he be leader and prime minister. And the same I say to Giorgia: he must swallow a nice menu of toads. We are used to Arcore’s tricolor menus, but the future will reserve more indigestible menus. Meloni must talk to Berlusconi, Salvini, look after the Catholic electorate. If Letta and Meloni do this, then Follini will have given the a a very interesting political process “.

FELT – An institutional pact, a common and binding code of conduct signed by Enrico Letta and Giorgia Meloni to set the rules of the political game for the next few years “would be appropriate. We have been hearing about this need for at least forty years. been dealt with in a serious way. ” This was stated by Vittorio Feltri, editorial director of Libero and leader of the Brothers of Italy in Milan in the last administrative elections, commenting on Follini’s ‘Point of view’.

According to Follini, the leaders of the Democratic Party and the Brothers of Italy, united by different points of contact, should sign a new republican code to regulate antagonism and political life with the aim of greater fair play between the majority and the opposition. For Feltri such a pact “it would be appropriate for it to always take place in politics. The rules of the game are established together, then whoever wins wins. It would be a question not so much political as normative”, he says, contacted by Adnkronos.

“Unfortunately, however, there are always difficulties and obstacles. I think it is better to sign such a pact, but they have never done so because there is an endemic litigation that is difficult to fight. The theoretical possibilities are there, but the practical ones are more difficult “. Letta and Meloni, Feltri concludes, “lead the two strongest parties and the allies should not be an impediment to this pact. But good will is needed and I don’t know if there is”.

CICCHITTO – Enrico Letta and Giorgia Meloni ‘united’ by the knowledge that they will never govern together and, perhaps precisely for this reason, awarded in the polls. “Follini’s intuition seems to me very right. On the one hand, Enrico Letta and on the other Giorgia Meloni confront each other on two positions that are alternatives on many things. But there is a point that I would add to Follini’s intuition: the two leaders they were the first in the Italian political system to react to the Ukrainian affair by immediately placing themselves on a Western position “, observes former parliamentarian Fabrizio Cicchitto with Adnkronos, commenting on Marco Follini’s analysis.

“It is clear that Letta refers to the US democrats and to a certain European trend, while Meloni instead refers to an opposite position but without slips of the ‘Trumpian’ type. Both – continues the former exponent of the Socialist Party and Forza Italia – they are clearly in solidarity with Ukraine, both have isolated opportunistic positions within their camps “, because” the pacifism that says ‘we do not send arms to Ukraine’ is only a favor done to Putin “. In summary, Cicchitto underlines, “on the one hand Meloni and Letta ride two opposite positions at the political level, of government (Letta is in government with Draghi, Meloni in opposition) on the other hand both are within the framework of Atlantic solidarity, even if with different and opposite positions also on this ground “.

CROSETTO – “Marco Follini, as always, makes very intelligent arguments. I hope that what he writes is true. A few weeks ago in a tweet I hoped for the construction of a wide field on the right, as well as on the left, and of a very wide field in which everyone can share the rules. In Italian politics there is no sharing of the guidelines of the national interest. Meloni and Letta are the two leaders destined to lead their respective sides, on both sides, according to to the polls. I hope that their relationship can preconstitute a nucleus for making a speech of this type “, former parliamentarian Guido Corsetto, one of the founders of Fdi, told Adnkronos.