“A traitor, I will never forget”: he lashes out against the character of Channel 5

“A traitor, I will never forget”: he lashes out the character of Canale 5, his words did not go unnoticed.

He is one of the most beloved faces of our small screen and, currently, he is locked up in the most sparse house on TV. The adventure to the GF Vip 7 it has just begun, but for one of the competitors a heavy accusation has already arrived from the outside.

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In a few days, several discussions have already broken out in the house, but today we are talking about a dig from the outside and addressed to one of the competitors of the current edition of the reality show. Competitor that has been called a “traitor”From another character we know very well and who participated in the GF Vip two years ago. What happened in detail? We tell you everything.

He lashes out at the competitor of GF Vip 7: “A traitor!”, What happened

GF Vip 7 started a few days ago but everything has already happened in the Cinecittà house. First heated arguments, first alliances, first kisses to mold and there are already those who would like to leave the game. For one of the Vippos, moreover, there is a message that has not gone unnoticed. Talking about him was really a former reality contest contestant show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, through some posts shared on his Instagram channel.

Posts in which the former Vippo openly attacked Giovanni Ciacci, calling him a traitor. “I will never forget the many lies and bad things who said about me on television for three months while I was in the house of Big Brother Vip and I could not defend myself ”, we read on social media. Who is accusing Ciacci?

Just her, Patrizia De Blanck, extremely disappointed by Giovanni Ciacci, who, as the countess writes, had also been to her home for an interview published in Oggi, where he had written beautiful things about her and her family. “He betrayed my trust in a cowardly way for a fistful of visibility (very short duration). I can’t call it friendship because someone like that can’t be a friend, ”De Blanck thundered. She that she, in a post shared later, she specified that she had “Ciacci deleted from his acquaintances” once she left the house and learned what he had said about her. “I believe in karma and I know that she will be avenged,” concluded the countess.

traitor lashes out
Patrizia on Instagram (Instagram Credits)

A strong and decisive attack, that of Patrizia, which did not go unnoticed at all. Will Alfonso decide to show the post to the famous costume designer during the next episode of GF Vip? We just have to wait to find out everything that will happen in the house. We remind you that the next live episode of the reality show will be broadcast tomorrow evening, Monday 26 September 2022, starting at about 9:40 pm, on Canale 5. Will you follow it?