A Vite al Limite lost 122 kg: an unbeatable record, but do you know what she was like before? Impossible to believe it

Thanks to Vite al Limite she lost 122 kg: an unbeatable record, but have you seen what she was like before? The images will leave you speechless.

One thing is certain: the protagonist of our article can say loudly that she literally changed her life after participating in Lives to the Limit. Thanks to her perseverance and the path imposed on her by Dr. Nowzaradan, the woman is lost 122 kg.

At the limit she lost 122 kg of weight, but what was she like before? What a shock. Photo Source: Facebook

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A truly unbeatable record, the one we are going to tell you about. And that, as it should be, not only has not absolutely gone unnoticed, but is still engraved in the minds of viewers of the program. On the other hand, it is more than 100 kg less. A truly incredible result, then. How can you forget? Really impossible! Who are we talking about, though? We refer exactly to the patient of Dr. Nowzaradan known and loved during the third season of Lives on the Limit. She weighed 276 kg when she arrived at the Houston clinic and was in dire need of getting back into shape, but when her experience ended, the scales 154 kg. Incredible, right? But look what it was like before?

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A Vite al Limite lost 122 kg: before it was unrecognizable, look at it here

When he decided to take part in Lives to the Limit during the third season of the program, Susan Farmer was strongly intent on losing lost in order to regain possession of her life. With a weight that reached 276 kg and some neurological problems that were about to compromise her mobility, the 37-year-old from Texas absolutely had to get back in shape. And, taking a look at her Facebook profile, we can say that she really did it great. Although the photo shown above shows it back in 2018, we can say that Susan is not only she lost 122 kg, but he also broke all kinds of records.

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Do you remember, however, how it was before? Without a doubt, yes! Also because such characters are hardly forgotten. In any case, we will show it to you. We assure you: you will be truly amazed!

screw at the limit lost weight 122 kg
Photo Source: Youtube

We do not know what it has become today and, above all, if it has continued to maintain a healthy and regulated regime – although we hope so. In any case, it can be said loudly that his transformation was truly incredible.