A Vite al Limite slims more than 100 kg, but how is Teretha today? Really difficult to recognize

Thanks to her path to Vite al Limite Teretha loses more than 100 kg, but how is she today? Really difficult to recognize.

Many will remember the story of Teretha, told during the fourth season of Lives to the Limit. When she entered the Houston clinic weighing more than 340 kg, the woman told the cameras that she had been living in bed for about two years.

Recognizing her after Lives at the Limit is impossible: today Teretha is unrecognizable. Credits: Youtube

Teretha’s situation, as we can clearly understand, was very difficult indeed. With a weight that exceeded, albeit very little, 340 kg, the woman was really afraid to put her foot out of bed. Her mobility was particularly impaired by a lymphedema that she had on her legs and her weight, unfortunately, had also led to other kinds of health problems. So what to do? Nothing! Teretha spent her time in bed awaiting the arrival of her children, her husband and her food. Aware of her health conditions, however, Nollis realized that she could no longer go on in that state. She and she thus chose to turn to Dr. Nowzaradan. Thanks to her weight loss path and program, the woman managed to lose more than 100 kg, but have you seen how she is today? Unrecognizable!

How is Teretha today after Vite al Limite: she loses 100 kg, but how is she now?

She was one of the heaviest patients of Lives to the Limit during its fourth season, but also the one that – along with Chad Dean and June McCamey, has brought home the most results. Entering the clinic with a weight that exceeded 340 kg and a history of violence and abuse, Nollis has completed a truly memorable journey. She has lost more than 100 kg and, although she initially adopted a reluctant attitude to Dr. Nowzaradan’s journey, she found herself after her surgery. Are you curious to know what it is like today?

It has been several years since Teretha she took part in Vite al Limite, yet today she is a completely different woman. She is confirmed by her Instagram channel, which is full of impressive shots. Last November, the woman showed herself to all her fans on her birthday. She and she impressed everyone with her newfound physical shape. Check it out here.

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