A walk in the Quirinale, from today the virtual visit

The house of the Italians in the houses of the Italians, a Google Art and Culture project

Was it known that Pope Paul the fifth attended Mass in the Pauline Chapel privately, without being seen, from the window of an oratory built into the thickness that divides the Chapel from the papal apartment? Or that Gregory sixteenth amused himself to accompany a prelate in front of the Rustica fountain located in the gardens and that he suddenly made the sketches of the mosaic floor work to do so “abbaggnà ccome un purcino”, as Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli writes in a sonnet? Or, again, that the Savoy family had transformed the solemn Salone dei Corazzieri first into a skating rink and then into an indoor tennis court, given that a ball was found during some restoration work?

These are just some of the curiosities it hides the

L Quirinal palace
and which from today can be discovered through the virtual tour, which in the afternoon will be presented at President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella. It will thus be possible to visit the “House of the Italians”, as the Head of State has repeatedly defined it, not only in person, but also from the homes of all Italians. This is thanks to a project, the first in the world that concerns a building seat of the Presidency of the Republic, created in collaboration with Google Art and Culture, after months of work and thanks to the contribution of all sectors of the Quirinale. An initiative that reaches the peak of the seven-year period, crowning all those undertaken to open to the public and enhance as much as possible all the institutional offices and to complete the work carried out by the Press and Communication Office.

It is practically impossible to describe the many artistic beauties and the numerous news that it is possible to enjoy and deepen several times by operating the mouse and screen. After the presentation of the history of the Palace, the visit begins by discovering the most beautiful and best known halls: those of Corazzieri, delle Feste, degli Specchi, passing through the Scala del Mascarino and the Pauline Chapel, with audio that describe in detail every corner that presents itself in front of the viewer.

The visitor can then enter the Palace by choosing and following various paths: powers and functions of the President of the Republic, which allows to know, among other things, the office where the Head of State holds the main institutional and representative meetings, and all the symbols of the Republic. It is in this section that it is possible, also through precious black and white archive images, to retrace the history of Corazzieri Department, the Guard of Honor that oversees the safety of the President. Then the history and architecture, where you can get to know in detail all the rooms of the Quirinale with the valuable works of art.

We continue with the discovery of the artistic collections, which allow you to relive the events of what was first the residence of the Popes, then the one desired by Napoleon Bonaparte, finally of the dynasty Savoy, arriving at the Republican era, with the Project ‘Contemporary Quirinal’, designed to insert works of art and design objects from the postwar period to the present era. Do not miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the peace of nature, virtually walking in the Quirinal Gardens and in the presidential estate of Castelporziano. And here it turns out, thanks to the activity of the ringing center active since 1990, that a woodcock has traveled 3,500 kilometers flying from Lazio to Russia, on the borders of Mongolia. And that on the beach of the estate, in the night between 29 and 30 August of this year, 61 turtles of the Caretta caretta species were born, an unprecedented event for the beaches of the Roman coast. The best way to conclude the meeting between the virtual becoming real.