A week after separating from Mauricio Isla, Thati Lira captivated with a tight dress

It has been rumored for a long time that the relationship between Mauritius Island Y Thati Lira would have come to an end. This was confirmed by the journalist Cecilia Gutiérrez in a live on Instagram and Youtube that she made on Monday night. “It was he who decided to end the relationship, that’s why they deleted all the photos. And it seems that there is no turning back,” said the communicator.

According to their sources, the reason for the breakup is that thati “She is very jealous.” “They had several problems because of jealousy, and the Huaso would have decided to end it because of that,” he assured. He also added that he understood that “when the Huaso makes a decision, that is it and there is no turning back. She seems like she’s into that yes-no thing. She yesterday she uploaded the photos, today she downloaded them “.

Finally, Cecilia launched an unexpected phrase: “it would not be strange that (Mauritius Island) returned with Gala. There is an unfinished middle story there.” Recently in a back and forth question and answer, a follower asked the dancer: “Are you suffering?”, to which she replied: “I don’t know what the reason for your question is, but I answer. Right now I don’t have the time or the disposition.”

Thati Lira. Source: Instagram @thati_lira

In the last hours, thati She shared two photos where she is seen more than smiling wearing a tight red dress, with a cut on her leg. “The face of happiness for the 4th edition of @dateme.cl. Cara, I am very happy doing that, “the dancer wrote in the post. She is currently gathering hundreds of people to meet her to meet her.

Thati Lira. Source: Instagram @thati_lira

The publication reached thousands of likes and comments. Mauritius Island He left his ‘like’, despite the separation. “beautiful .. I love it!”, “VOCÊ É GIGANTE EU TE AMOOOO” and “Minisima high impact” were some of the messages the artist received.