A2A, Mazzoncini: “The new Giussago – Lacchiarella plant, a perfect example of circularity”

Inauguration of the treatment and recovery plant for the organic fraction of urban waste built by A2A Ambiente in the center of Giussago – Lacchiarella. The CEO of the Group, Renato Mazzoncini, was present at the cutting of the ribbon and expressed great satisfaction with the opening of the plant which will allow for the proper treatment of organic waste, in full compliance with the principles of the circular economy.

“It is the first biomethane production plant from urban wet waste to the group and opens the way to cutting-edge technologies – specifies the Group CEO – A2A deals with both green electron and green molecule, ie biomethane. On the electron side we are investing in renewables (we are the second largest producer in the country), but we also want to have an important impact on the green molecule – underlines Mazzoncini – Biomethane is extracted from urban wet waste, animal husbandry and agri-food. This system is a perfect example of circularity ”.

With the Giussago – Lacchiarella plant it will be possible to obtain 8 million cubic meters of biomethane every year (equal to the annual requirement of about 20,000 people) – useful for reducing dependence on fossil fuels – and 20 thousand tons of certified compost for agriculture which will help minimize the use of chemical fertilizers.