Abandon Vite al Limite after a tragic death: how is Jeanne Covey today? Unthinkable

Jeanne Covey participated in Vite al Limite, but left the program after a serious bereavement: how has it become today?

Not always everything runs smoothly a Lives to the Limit! In fact, there are those who start a sensational journey in the clinic and beat all kinds of records, but also those who are forced to abound the program for a series of events.

How is Jeanne Covey today after Vite al Limite. Credits: Youtube

During these ten editions of Vite al Limite, the audience of the program has witnessed many twists and turns. How can we forget, for example, the one given to us by Angie Johns, but also by Jeanne Covey. You will remember, in fact, that the woman had chosen to ask Dr. Nowzaradan for help for her extra pounds, but that in the middle of her weight loss path she had to leave the clinic due to a tragic bereavement. In short, a rather shocking twist: what do we know now about her? It’s been years since Covey took part in Vite al Limite, trying to lose weight, but what is it like today?

How did Jeanne Covey become after Vite al Limite? Resounding

The living conditions of Jeanne Covey at the time of your participation a Lives on the edge they were really unsustainable. Not only because the woman weighed more than 300 kg, but also because her family situation was by no means the most prosperous. Jeanne, in fact, lived with her mother, her father and 9 dogs! From here, therefore, one can clearly understand the need of the 39-year-old to start a new life with the help of Dr. Nowzaradan. Unfortunately, however, it was not at all possible. During her journey to the clinic, in fact, Covey not only discovered her mother’s illness, but she also learned of her mother’s death. It is precisely for this reason that she left the clinic very early, losing very little weight.

How has it become today? We managed to track down Jeanne on Facebook. And, although she is not used to sharing shots of herself, we found a photo of her uploaded last February. Here it is as it appears after Vite al Limite:

jeanne covey lives to the limit
Credits: Facebook

While Jeanne’s journey is only just beginning, we can’t help but notice how her progress has been quite impressive since Lives on the Limit. We hope that Covey will never abandon this spirit.