Abandoned newborn baby will have to return to natural mother. Petition from foster parents: “After 3 years a nightmare”

This was established by the court of Catania. Three years ago the newborn was left on the street by his natural father, but he was saved and given to a couple who have already collected 35 thousand signatures since November 6th to prevent him from being taken away

With over 35 thousand signatures, collected since November 6th, the ‘Leave Miele with her mum and dad’ petition on Change.org is reaching the next milestone of 50 thousand. “We are the mother and father of a baby welcomed into our arms 3 years ago thanks to national adoption, precisely on International Children’s Rights Day. For privacy reasons we will call him here by the nickname we have always given him, that is Honey” write the foster parents in their touching petition.”Miele was only 16 days old when we picked him up for the first time, a warm onesie and a very large pacifier; we had our eyes full of amazement and our hearts bursting with happiness. It seemed like the beginning of a wonderful love story, but it soon turned into the worst nightmare. According to a decree we have just received, Miele will be removed from our family and ‘placed’ with his biological mother whom he has never seen or met. We’ll tell you why.”

“Immediately after giving birth” in the Ragusa area, the mother, they write in the petition on Change.org, “put him in a shopping bag and handed him over to his biological father” who “abandoned him for two long hours on the street”. When the police and ambulance arrived, “Miele arrived at the hospital suffering from severe hypothermia and hypoglycemia and was fighting for his life, eventually managing to survive.” “The Juvenile Court of Catania entrusted him to us, who had been on the waiting list for adoption for some time, declaring – in the absence of signs of interest or recognition from anyone – first his adoptability and, then, after two months of pre-adoptive foster care, which protects and initiates the birth of a new family unit. If pre-adoptive foster care is in place, in fact, late recognition by the biological family can no longer occur (Article 11 L. 184/83), and it is not even possible to request the revocation of the child’s adoptability status (article 21 L. 184/83)”. “Today, after 3 years of life with his mother and father, Miele risks being ‘returned’ to the woman who gave birth to him and who is still on criminal trial for complicity in child abandonment”. “The decree provides for 12/28/23 as the ‘return’ date (immediately after Christmas, ed.) and writes in black and white that social services are authorized to even make use of the police force for the forced withdrawal of the child from our home, in the ‘full interest of the minor'”.

“Now imagine a child – who has already suffered rejection in the womb and bloody abandonment at birth – being forced to leave, overnight, all his certainties, his world, the safe arms and warmth of mum and dad , the only affections he has known, to be forcibly inserted into a context in which everything is foreign including the person he should start calling ‘mum’… Imagine for a moment the pain in the heart of such a small child, the sense of loss, the desperation of looking for the parents and never finding them again. There is nothing in this story that is in the best interests of the child.”

“We therefore appeal to you, to the spirit of humanity and protection that also governs the UN Commission on the Rights of the Child. We don’t want to allow our child to be forced to suffer a second abandonment, which would cause indelible and irreparable trauma. He has always known only one mother and one father: us, who love him unconditionally just as he loves us madly. Please help us sign this petition. Help us enforce the law that was supposed to protect us” signed Miele’s mother and father.