Abodi and the words on Jankto, Schlein: “Serious and homophobic”

“Institutions are everyone’s home, including the LGBT+ community”

The one used by minister Andrea Abodi “is one of the classic homophobic arguments: do whatever you want, as long as it doesn’t show because you don’t have full citizenship rights”. As Elly Schlein in Metropolis, a web talk by the Gedi group, he comments on the words of the Minister of Sport on Jakub Jankto, the Czech footballer who recently came out. “I don’t like ostentation in general, but individual choices must be respected for how they are taken and for what they are,” said Abodi.

“These are very serious statements – underlines Schlein – Indeed it would be appropriate for those who are in the institutions to facilitate coming out paths, especially in sectors such as sport where they are rare precisely because of the climate that exists. The institutions should stand by their side, they are the home to everyone, including the LGBT+ community”.

“I am horrified by the words used by the Minister Andrea Abodi who defines the choice of the footballer Jakub Jankto to declare his sexual orientation as ‘ostentation’. The Minister’s statements are unpleasant and inappropriate, all the more so because he holds an institutional office”, she declared Pina Picierno of the Democratic Party, Vice-President of the European Parliament. “Unfortunately, this is yet another sign that reveals the homophobic and retrograde political culture of this government, whose positioning in terms of rights seems to want to erase years of conquests and progress. #loveislove”.

“But they just can’t hold back? – comments the Pd group leader in the Chamber, Clare Braga, on Twitter – Today is Minister #Abodi’s turn. The only ostentation we see is that of obtuse ministers closed in their 1950s obscurantism. Always against those who ask for rights, freedom, justice, especially women and the Lgbtqia+ community”.

“We repeat once again, today together with the Minister of Sport Abodi: sexual orientation is not a choice, just as one does not choose ethnicity or any other personal condition. So no flaunting and no choice. What a struggle with these…” the tweet by Alexander Zandeputy and rights manager of the national secretariat of the Democratic Party.

Ivan Scalfarotto di Iv tweets: “Choices, ostentation, excesses of Pride… things that a minister of another advanced country would not even dream of thinking about, let alone declaring them to the press. But why does Italy have to work so hard? #Abodi”.

For Riccardo Magi, secretary of +Europe, Abodi must apologise. “I read the statements of the Minister of Sport Abodi and I understand why there is still so much homophobia in sport – says Magi – Jankto only said that he is an LGBTI+ person. What ostentation is Abodi talking about? The truth is that, as in other areas of society, sportsmen are far ahead of their managers, who represent a world that no longer exists. In fact, people like Jankto help other sportsmen, especially in a homophobic environment like football, to come out. And this is the meaning of Pride, also branded as an ostentation by the minister: to help people live their sexuality in a joyful way and not instead, as Abodi would like, by hiding”. “The real question that the minister should ask himself – concludes the deputy – is why in sport so few people feel free to declare their sexuality compared to other sectors. Ask this question and give an answer. Abodi apologizes to Jankto and the whole LGBTI+ community”.