Abodi, ‘I hope the birth of a foundation to enhance Villa Borghese’

“I hope the birth of a participatory foundation that manages Villa Borghese in a systematic and permanent way, an authority that knows how to coordinate in a specific way with the aim of enhancing and safeguarding this extraordinary place”. Speaking is the Minister for Sport and Youth, Andrea Abodi, on the sidelines of the Nations Cup in Piazza di Siena. Such a project, explained the minister, would follow “the well-done experimentation of Sport and Health with Roma Capitale and Fise in recent years with the support of the Istituto Credito Sportivo. It would be a faculty of Roma Capitale to promote this initiative on the track of the experience of Central Park which has given extraordinary results in terms of organizing life in the park, building events and rationalizing the subjects who operate in the green lung of the city”. According to the minister, a foundation dedicated to Villa Borghese would exalt “a place where there are many beauties, artistic, historical, landscape, environmental, which deserve a unitary and systematic organized management that is not just a sum of events, but a harmonious agenda” . The implementation of the project “would produce a fantastic effect for the city centre, and would also spread to other villas and parks in the capital”.