Abortion, Brothers of Italy to Chiara Ferragni: “Find out about the data”

Through Isabella Rauti and Eugenia Roccella, FdI replies to the influencer

Chiara Ferragni on a war footing to defend the right to abortion. The influencer in a story on Instagram takes it out on the Brothers of Italy who, according to her, by governing the Marche, make it impossible in that region to voluntarily terminate a pregnancy. But Fdi, through Isabella Rauti and Eugenia Roccella, denies: “If the press and influencers want to deal seriously with abortion in the Marche region, they should inform themselves on the basis of the data and consult the annual reports to Parliament on law 194. For example, reading the latest signed by Minister Speranza shows that in the Marche the offer of the so-called IVG service is far superior to the national one: voluntary interruptions of pregnancy can be carried out in 92.9% of health facilities while the Italian average is 62% “, reply Rauti and Roccella.

“As for the objectors, the number of abortions by non-objecting doctors is 0.8 abortions per week, so it does not seem that conscientious objection, a civil right provided for by law 194, is an obstacle. so-called ‘chemical abortion’ (RU486 pill), however – underline Rauti and Roccella – it should be remembered that the guidelines of the Ministry are not binding (in fact Emilia Romagna has always had its own, different from the national ones); and above all that the current ones, issued by Minister Speranza, do not respect the same law 194, when they provide that abortion can be carried out in clinics or outside hospitals “. “It should also be remembered – they conclude – that the Ru486 pill is a cheaper abortion for the health service but more dangerous for women’s health, given the numerous side effects and higher mortality, as emerges from the scientific literature on the subject”.