Abortion, Chiara Ferragni against Brothers of Italy

“Now is our time to act.” The applause of the Democratic Party to the influencer after the post on the Marche case

Clear Ferragni takes sides in defense of abortion and publishes his complaint against the Brothers of Italy on Instagram, an ‘offender’ party – we read in the stories in which an article from The Vision is shared – of having “made it practically impossible to have an abortion in the Marche region it governs. A policy that risks becoming national if the right wins the elections”. “Now is our time to take action and make sure these things don’t happen“, the words of the influencer, entrepreneur and wife of Fedez to accompany the post.

“Thanks to Chiara Ferragni for taking a stand on the dramatic situation of access to termination of pregnancy in the Marche region. I am close to the women of the Marche, who have long been mobilized against the severely restrictive policies of the Acquaroli Council. In the Marche, as in Umbria, Abruzzo and many other regions of Italy governed by the right, choosing to terminate a pregnancy – and to do so in a safe and respectful way for the freedom and dignity of women – is practically impossible. An anticipation of what awaits us with the right to rule ”, the reply on Facebook of the senator of the Democratic Party Monica Cirinnànational rights manager and candidate in Lazio.

“The response of the Democratic Party – continues Cirinnà – is clear. We will ensure the full application of Law 194, which means: guaranteeing an adequate presence of non-objecting doctors in health facilities; guarantee access to pharmacological interruption of pregnancy, even without hospitalization, as required by the ministerial guidelines, which must be implemented in all Regions; support for female freedom of choice, always, also through the effective neutrality of the counselors. For us, central is the woman, her dignity, the freedom of choice over one’s own body and one’s life: without prejudices and without ideologies ”.

“Thanks to Chiara Ferragni for having turned a spotlight on what we too have been denouncing for some time. ‘Fdi has made it practically impossible to have an abortion in the Marche region, which it governs. A policy that risks becoming national if the right wins the elections’ So writes Chiara Ferragni In a region with a very high number of objecting doctors, the regional council has chosen not to implement the 2020 national directives on the abortion pill, saying that few children are born here and that the birth rate comes before the right of choice for women. “, adds the deputy dem and regional Commissioner of the Democratic Party, Alberto Losacco. “This region, which Meloni indicates as a model for the country, is a laboratory of denied rights, just like Texas, like Orban’s Hungary. Chiara Ferragni is right to sell: this is the time to act to prevent everything this happens to the whole country “.