Aboubakar Soumahoro enters the Chamber with muddy boots

The entry of the deputy elected with the Alleanza-Verdi Italian Left and the Greens was marked by symbolic gestures. And he promised that in the Palace he will continue to fight for the “invisible”

Aboubakar Soumahoro, trade unionist from Ivorian elected with Alliance-Verdi Italian Left and the Greensentered the Room of Deputies wearing work boots. “Let’s bring these boots to Parliament, the same ones that trampled the mud of misery. We wear the boots of the struggle in the Palace to represent sufferings, desires, hopes. For those who are exploited and those who are hungry. With steadfast feet in reality, ”she explained with a tweet.

The muddy boots

The boots are the same used by those who harvest tomatoes in the fields. On the starting day of the new legislature, Soumahoro wanted to focus on his battle against illegal hiring: the shoes are “The symbol of the sufferings and hope of the Royal Country that enters the Chamber with me to legislate”, insisted with another post. With this gesture you wanted to remember “Those who died from work, those who are discriminated against and those who are hungry. With feet in the mud of reality and the spirit in the sky of hope ”.

A group photo

The newly elected also took a group photo in front of Montecitorio recalling the well-known painting “Il Quarto Stato” by Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo. He declared: “Italy is a Republic founded on work. This will be the first thing we will do”.


The trade unionist, who arrived in Italy in 1999 at the age of 19, had previously recounted his difficult journey. As a child he used to polish his shoes for a living: “As a young man I slept on the street and worked in the fields to survive. In spite of everything – he continued – I have always studied because knowledge frees, illuminates the causes of injustice and nourishes the spirit, from where the strength to fight flows “.