About You, Yoox and Zalando, fashion unites for the climate

Three online retailers launch personalized learning platform to support their brand partners in aligning climate goals with science

About You, Yoox Net-a-Porter e Zalando collaborate and work together with the common goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions within their value chains and in the fashion industry. The three online retailers launch an online learning platform to support their brand partners in defining objectives in line with the science in order to reduce their own emissions of greenhouse gases. This initiative constitutes a fundamental element of the respective paths towards the safeguarding of the climateeach with ambitious reduction targets already set with the Science based targets initiative (Sbti).

This bespoke program will be available at no additional cost to About You brand partners Yoox Net-a-Porter and Zalando and has been specifically designed to educate them on the value and process of climate goals. It will offer a step-by-step learning path on how to undertake the complex emissions measurement process, set ambitious climate science targets, and submit them for approval by the Science Based Targets initiative. In addition, it will provide a space where i fashion brand they will have the opportunity to discuss with each other and with sustainability experts.

Although each of the three online retailers has pledged to significantly reduce their emissions, between 70% and 90% of theenvironmental footprint of fashion stems from upstream supply chain activities, such as manufacturing, preparation and processing of materials.Therefore, this initiative pursues two main objectives: to intensify climate action across the industry to achieve a broader impact and a systems transformation, while contributing to the reduction of emissions (Scope 3) produced by the value chains of the three online retailers.

“We are facing a momentum that could change the sector by aligning the processes of reducing greenhouse gas emissions with science. The targets of over 1,500 companies were SBTi approved as of July 2022. We have set science-based targets, SBT approved and are now benefiting from our commitment. In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, the targets of 46.6% of our partners were approved in February 2022. We invite other business partners to do the same ”says Hannes Wiese, co-founder and co-CEO of About You.

“Our commitment to action in favor of the climate it can only be achieved through innovative collaborations. The next step is to prioritize the investment of brand partners in the different phases of their climate path, supporting them in defining objectives based on scientific data. By partnering with About You and Zalando, we can jointly take a more coherent approach in our efforts to reduce emissions from the luxury and fashion sector, ”said Geoffroy Lefebvre, CEO of Yoox Net-a-Porter.

“There decarbonization of the supply chain in collaboration with suppliers, brands, logistics and packaging partners and now also with our competitors is a powerful lever to drive a major change in the fashion industry. We aim to have 90% of our partners (in terms of emissions) set science-based targets by 2025, and the new learning platform is a key initiative to achieve this ambitious goal, “says David Schneider. Co-ceo of Zalando.