Abu Dhabi GP, Hamilton-Verstappen duel for World Championship – Live

The last race of the year awards the title

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in the decisive duel for the Formula 1 World Championship. The Abu Dhabi GP, the last race of the season, assigns the title: the English driver of Mercedes and the Dutch driver of Red Bull are paired in the standings.

THE RACE – Verstappen starts badly from pole position and is burned by Hamilton, who takes the first position after a contact at the first corner. All regular for the commissioners, no measures and we continue. Verstappen, with soft tires, loses ground compared to his rival who stretches, gaining almost 6 seconds until the Red Bull, during the 14th of the 58 laps, stops for the pit stop. Hamilton imitates him shortly after, staying ahead of the Dutchman.

Red Bull uses the Sergio Perez card between the 20th and 21st rounds. The Mexican, provisional leader, awaits the arrival of Hamilton and with fairness – without exceeding the regulatory limits – manages to act as a stopper compared to the English. In a couple of laps, Verstappen manages to gain about 5 seconds and swoops about 2 seconds behind Hamilton in a race that reignites. “Checo is a legend!”, Says Verstappen over the radio in the pits while Hamilton complains about the Mexican’s maneuvers: “He drives dangerously,” says the Englishman. The world champion manages to maintain a constant pace and immediately after halfway through the race, after 33 of the 58 laps, he brings the advantage back to 5 seconds.

In the 37th lap, the intervention of the virtual safety car offers Verstappen the assist to make the second pit stop and look for a strategy for a comeback.