Abuses a minor and sends photos and videos to the dark web, 36-year-old arrested

The man was identified by the Postal Police in the investigation coordinated by the Rome prosecutor’s office. The victim was the son of a friend

The State Police, at the end of a lightning investigation starting from a report by the Australian police, arrested a thirty-six-year-old Roman for aggravated sexual assault against a 10-year-old minor and for the production, sale and possession of a large quantity of file of child sexual abuse material. The arrest took place after the home and computer search carried out by the National Center for the Contrast of Online Child Pornography (Cncpo) of the Postal and Communications Police Service of Rome.

According to what emerged from the investigation, coordinated by the Rome prosecutor’s office, the abuses committed against the minor, the son of a friend, unaware of everything, were filmed with a smartphone and the photos and videos were then sent to those who frequented a pedophile community online at an international level, active in the Dark Web. Starting from the published files and a fictional nickname, the investigators of the Postal Police, crossing the results of the searches with Osint (Open Source INTelligence) techniques, it was possible to trace the identity of the man and the very young victim. Investigations, which took place at a very rapid pace on the dual front of the Clear Net and the Dark Web, to avert the danger of further violence.

Hyper active in the exchange of material within pedophile communities, the man had collected over time an immeasurable amount of child pornography, mainly sexual abuse of minors under 10 years of age. The data collected during the computer search confirmed all the investigative hypotheses, the material was seized, while the suspect was taken to prison. The user was wanted internationally by other specialized police forces, engaged in online undercover activities in the fight against child pornography within the virtual pedophile communities of the dark web.