AC Milan-PSG, the French damage the metro cabin and try to break through the police line-up

100 fans without tickets monitored in the Porta Romana area

Tension before the AC Milan-PSG match at San Siro. French fans damaged a subway cabin and then tried (unsuccessfully) to break through the police cordon near the Meazza.

The public order device set up by police commissioner Petronzi for the Ac Milan-PSG match this afternoon limited and channeled the flow of several thousand French fans who, from the Duomo metro stop, headed, followed by the police, to the Lotto station on board dedicated ATM trains. At the Duomo station some fans damaged the station agent’s cabin and the scientific police intervened for technical findings.

Once in Lotto, the transalpine supporters were led by the units along Via Diomede, Via Ippodromo and Via Patroclo to the Giuseppe Meazza stadium, where they are entering at this stage, after having tried to break through the police line-up which promptly rejected the attempt. . An accurate check of the fans by the police before their entry to the turnstile area is underway, also monitored from above thanks to the helicopter of the second flight department of the State Police.

The approximately 100 Paris Saint-Germain fans without tickets to the stadium, who are in the Porta Romana area, are still constantly monitored by the police.