Acampora. “Harmonizing data with Europe for an increasingly shared strategy”

The president of Assonautica Italiana, SiCamera and the Frosinone Latina Chamber of Commerce is in Ventotene on the occasion of the Training Camp organized by the Anci

“From Ventotene, cradle of united Europe, I want to strongly highlight what we are already carrying forward on maritime policies with the European Commission and the European Parliament. In particular, I want to reiterate today the work of harmonizing data between the various national observatories, even more relevant when the Sea Plane, in whose drafting I had the opportunity to participate as an expert and for which I once again thank Minister Nello Musumeci for his trust. For this reason, with our Study Center of the Guglielmo Tagliacarne Chambers of Commerce – Unioncamere, recognized as good practice by the EU, also in economic evaluation through the identification of multipliers, we continue to work for an increasingly shared sea strategy in Italy and in Europe”. Like that Giovanni AcamporaPresident of Assonautica Italiana, SiCamera and the Frosinone Latina Chamber of Commerce from the island of Ventoteneon the occasion of Training Camp organized by Anci .

“I take this opportunity – added Acampora – to reiterate the importance of data and statistical analyses, which are the basis of a new and strong Italian maritime strategy that the islands and the entire nation need. The numbers and comparisons and studies on the Economy of the Sea are a serious matter and must be done and elaborated by those who are institutionally recognised”.

“The data on the value of the Sea Economy – concluded Acampora – represent a precious asset for our national strategies and the chamber system, with its Tagliacarne Study Center of Unioncamere, has one of the few institutional bodies accredited to be included among the subjects of the national statistical system (Sistan) precisely to guarantee the truthfulness of the data and numbers that Italy expresses. For more than 15 years we have been studying the Economy of the Sea, so that its relevance is recognized. And today it seems that, thanks to the Government, we are finally on the right path and there is a lot of interest in this important economic sector. I still remember when it was the proposed bill DDL 917 for the establishment of a Ministry of the Sea was presented in 2018 by the current Minister Urso, where the reference data on the value and numbers were taken from our VII national report on the Economy of the Sea. We must show Europe and the Mediterranean area how much Italy really is worth in the Maritime Economy, because we are a unique nation in terms of peculiarities, geographical and economic positioning. For this I thank the President of the European Parliament, and in particular the President of the Constitutional Affairs Commission of the European Parliament Salvatore De Meo, for the work we are carrying out together”.