Accademia del Teatro alla Scala, summer tour of the orchestra conducted by Fabio Luisi

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Summer tour for the Accademia Orchestra Teatro alla Scala with Fabio Luisi takes the podium for an Italian tour in three stages which touches the Vittoriale degli Italiani Amphitheater (July 8, Gardone Riviera), the Nervi Music Ballet Festival (July 9, Parchi di Nervi – Villa Grimaldi Fassio, Nervi) and the Ravello Festival (July 14, Belvedere di Villa Rufolo) with an ambitious program that asks young students to measure themselves against two masterpieces such as L’oiseau de feu by Igor’ Fyodorovich Stravinsky and the Symphony no. 5 by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

The program

It is very stimulating for young musicians as it deals with two real cornerstones of the Russian symphonic repertoire between the end of the 19th century and the early 20th century. The students are entrusted first of all with the execution of the Suite n. 3 de L’oiseau de feu by Stravinsky, the largest of the three suites that the composer himself had taken from the ballet, of which he had partially modified the instrumentation, also known as the Ballet Suite and dated 1945. Among the most significant moments, the grace of the Chorovod, the traditional Russian dance ballad of the princesses, the unmistakable Stravinsky style that characterizes the inflamed rhythm and vis timbrica of the infernal dance, the essential lyricism of the Lullaby and the finale in which clear references to the nineteenth-century Russian school emerge.

Another masterpiece follows: the Symphony no. 5 in E minor op.64 by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Composed over the course of a few months between May and August 1888, it was performed for the first time in November in St. Petersburg, under the direction of the author, with a lukewarm success. Today recognized as one of the most intense tests of the Russian composer, the Symphony no. 5 presents considerable levels of interpretative difficulty for the students, called to restore the theme that binds all the movements, the ineluctability of destiny, in the progressive succession of tones: now dramatic and expressive, now melancholic and heartfelt, now emphatic and full of momentum, now calm and resigned.

The Scala Orchestra boasts a long collaboration with Fabio Luisi, who on various occasions led the team between 2013 and 2018. World-renowned conductor, he has always been attentive to the training of young people and during his career he has often made his experience available to grow new musical talents. For the students of the Academy, therefore, being directed by a Maestro of the caliber of Fabio Luisi constitutes an extraordinary opportunity for professional growth and is part of the practical activity that characterizes the two-year course of improvement, with free attendance, which is offered to them with the The goal is to accompany them in pursuing a career in orchestra. The current orchestral team, in the first year of the two-year period, is made up of 65 elements from all over Italy and from different countries, for nine different nationalities and with an average age of 24 years.