Acceleration for Change, second edition of the Huawei program for startups

The goal is to identify innovative solutions that are characterized by solidity, sustainability, scalability and propensity for internationalization

Huawei Italy and SPICI, the Society for Innovation, Cooperation and Internationalization, have announced the second edition of Acceleration for Change, a technology acceleration program aimed at startups, spinoffs, SMEs and Independent Software Vendors who are interested in developing and validate innovative products, technologies, systems and processes in the areas of Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the European Huawei Public Cloud environment. The initiative, in continuity with the previous edition, aims to identify innovative solutions that are characterized by solidity, sustainability, scalability and propensity for internationalization, to then support their launch and consolidation on the market by providing, fully free, Cloud resources, the guidance and technical support of Huawei specialized engineers who provide skills, tools and methodologies, the possibility of winning additional prizes by participating in the EU Huawei Cloud Competition, a Go-to-Market strategy for the development of business at an international level, through the Huawei marketplace, for projects that will reach a high degree of development. The selected startups will also have access to the “Petal Ads” programmatic display platform, a full-stack advertising solution developed entirely by Huawei, which will support them in promoting their brand and positioning their products/services, thus promoting the growth of their business.

The candidate projects may be solutions already developed or in the prototype stage, with application in areas such as Green&Blue Innovation, Smart Agriculture, Smart Health, Smart Port, Smart Mobility, Smart City, Cultural & Creative Industry. The selected companies will undertake a path of about 6 months during which they will be able to devote themselves to the development of their Proof of Concept supported technically by Huawei and supported by SPICI in the growth path of their business. The first edition of the “Acceleration for Change” program saw the awarding of three innovative startups that won the “Huawei Business Acceleration Award 2022”: the Neapolitan Logogramma, with AI.CODIUM, an AI-based platform for the creation of general purpose vocals capable of interacting in natural language with users and performing actions that respond to their needs, in different domains of knowledge; the thirty Blue Tensor with Eyerus, a visual inspection and object recognition platform consisting of a modular system for acquiring and managing images based on Deep Learning; the Venetian Urbana with its IoT platform for the creation of end-to-end solutions, from hardware to software, in the reference markets.

“Startups are the future of the economy, bearers of enormous potential just waiting to be expressed. Looking to the future, Huawei is committed to continuing to invest and collaborate with its partners to build robust and innovative startup ecosystems that can help drive digital transformation,” said Wilson Wang, CEO of Huawei Italy. “With the Acceleration for Change program, we aim to foster the growth of the Italian innovation ecosystem by identifying and accelerating the most promising realities to help them flourish through access not only to the technological resources of the European Huawei Public Cloud but also to a marketplace international market and all the commercial opportunities it is able to offer”. Mariangela Contursi, General Manager of SPICI, added: “The precious collaboration between Huawei and SPICI is based on the possibility of making the Italian innovative ecosystem of technological startups and SMEs grow and mature, which through the scouting and acceleration program, carried out with dynamics of Open Innovation, will be able to benefit from a series of services aimed at developing the frontiers of innovation in the cloud environment. In this way, the best startups from all over Italy will have the opportunity to be able to use tools and be guided by technical experts from Huawei’s Cloud Business Unit, as well as by SPICI business development professionals”.