Accenture, Macchi: “Fundamental human capital for companies and the country”

Thus the president and CEO of Accenture Italia

“Human capital is the central resource for the growth of the country and must regain its centrality in the leaders’ agendas”. This was underlined by Mauro Macchi, president and CEO of Accenture Italia, speaking yesterday at the event on Human Capital, at the Campus Luiss – Rome.

In underlining that “Accenture, with 22 thousand people in Italy and 4 thousand hires a year, enjoys a privileged observatory on talent and the effects of transformation on the current and future workforce” Macchi maintains that we must base ourselves on two key concepts: specialization, ability to scale up success stories. “I am convinced that more can and must be done on the topic of skills, at the level of the training and industrial system. It is essential to broaden the reasoning on how to speed up the requalification of skills for which – he states – we estimate it is necessary to involve an audience of approximately 9 million people.”

“In Italy we have superior knowledge, training and creativity to other countries, now it is necessary to upgrade our technological quotient, which allows us to improve productivity and employability. A profession is a portfolio of skills where the more traditional ones coexist with those new; skills are the new currency of exchange” he concludes.