Accident for Blanco: forced to postpone the concert, here’s what he said

Bad news for Blanco fans: the beloved singer has had an accident, canceled some appointments including one of his concerts.

The conquest of the music scene by Blanco, a young artist from the province of Brescia who has been on the crest of the wave for two years now. Just in this golden age for him, the winner of the Sanremo Festival 2022 with Mahmood revealed he had a accident. Let’s see what happened.

Accident for Blanco: forced to postpone the concert, what he said (Credits: Instagram)

Through an Instagram post, Riccardo Fabbriconi (this is his real name in the registry office) he told the unexpected that he was the victim of. In a video that portrays him in the bed of a hospitalyou see him with a sulky face and in the background you can hear a melancholy love song.

Fortunately, for him there were no serious consequences: under the video, the young singer reassured everyone about his condition: “Now I’m fine”, it says. However, he specified that it is necessary for him Take a break and rest. No details on what exactly happened to him, but Blanco announced that he had to give up a concert and other events he was expected to attend.

Blanco, forced break due to an accident: what he can’t do

In the post Blanco wrote that the concert a Genoa of his Blue Celeste Tour, scheduled for the day after tomorrow, June 24, is canceled for the moment. The event has been postponed to a later date. “I want you a world of good and I love music more than my health so you don’t know how much I suffer from not being able to be on stage that day, I hope not to disappoint anyone”, reads Instagram.

Unfortunately the date of 24 is not the only canceled appointment for him: always on his Instagram profile, in a story he announced that he will not be able to be present tomorrow at Tim Summer Hits tomorrow 23 June in Rome (but will recover on 1 July in Rimini) or at the Radio Deejay party on 25.

Blanco accident
Credits: Instagram

The many fans who were waiting to listen to the talented Blanco live will therefore have to be patient a little, but soon their idol will be back in better shape than ever to give his audience more emotions.