Accident today at Mugello, amateur driver dies

Involved three bikes that had contact in the final stretch of the straight with three laps to go to the end of the race

Accident today at Mugello, where an amateur rider died. The accident occurred around 10.30 during the Advanced Class Amateur 1000 Trophy, a race valid for the FMI Italian Motorcycle Federation Cup. The organizers of the Mugello circuit communicate it on their Facebook page. The accident involved three bikes that made contact in the final stretch of the straight with three laps to go to the end of the race. In the impact, the bikes remained on the track while the riders were promptly rescued by the doctors of the circuit’s health team.

For one of these, the conditions immediately appeared very serious and the medical staff – who intervened promptly – immediately performed all the resuscitation maneuvers necessary to stabilize the patient on the track. The maneuvers continued in an attempt to recover vital parameters. Despite the efforts, when an air ambulance was already on site for transport to the nearby Careggi hospital, the medical team of the Mugello racetrack had to surrender to the very serious injuries suffered as a result of the accident.

The other two pilots involved, whose lives were not in danger, were transferred to the medical center and later transported by air ambulance to the Careggi hospital for further treatment. Promo Racing, organizer of the event, in concert with the promoters of the various Trophies has decided to end the day of competition as a sign of respect for the driver and his family. The entire Mugello circuit, the track staff and the Race Direction gather in a moved embrace for the family of the unfortunate driver.