Accidents, Mattarella: “Too many victims, unacceptable suffering”

The President of the Republic: “Strengthening mobility safety”. Meloni: “Stopping massacres on the roads is a moral obligation, a government commitment”

“L’large number of people who lose their lives or are seriously injured on our roads constitutes unacceptable social suffering. Road traffic fatalities are a price the community cannot tolerate. On this Day I join in remembering the victims and wounded and express my closeness to their families. If we consider the lives cut short and the serious injuries sustained by cyclists, pedestrians, the elderly, the disabled, vulnerable road users, it becomes clear how much of a priority it is to strengthen mobility safety. The data relating to the victims of accidents under the age of eighteen are also intolerable”. President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarellaon the occasion of the World Day of Remembrance for Road Victims.

“A careful and shared synergistic action between institutions, civil society and industry is essential to guarantee the integrity of life. The objectives set out in the European Union’s strategic framework must be pursued. Making our roads less dangerous also requires the adoption of standards more demanding for means and infrastructures and implies encouraging new mobility models and the promotion of more widespread and efficient public transport in relations between territories.It is also evident how it is of primary importance to develop as much as possible the diffusion of a culture of responsibility for every driver aimed at increasing awareness of the risks to which each of us is exposed and to which the lives of others are exposed when driving a vehicle”, concludes the Head of State.


“Every year thousands of people lose their lives, are injured or disabled due to road accidents. On World Day of Remembrance for Road Victims, I want to express my sincere, heartfelt closeness to the pain of the many families who suffer this suffering”. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni declares it in a note.

“As Prime Minister, I want to guarantee the Government’s commitment to making Italian roads ever safer. We will honor this with the intensification of checks on the places where the highest number of accidents occur and with the promotion of a culture of safety and responsibility , by launching, among other things, a prevention campaign against alcohol and drugs, the cause of quite a few accidents, as well as with interventions on infrastructures and the upgrading of public mobility systems. We will work in synergy with the competent institutions at national and European level, because stopping the massacres on the roads is a moral obligation towards the citizens”, concludes Meloni.