According to ‘Time traveller’, you already know the cause of the next global pandemic and the year it will occur

According to TikTok user @theradianttimetraveller, who claims to be a ‘time traveler’ from the year 2714, that’s how it will be. The would-be Doctor Who has amassed more than 26,000 followers for posting warnings about future events, and now he’s got everyone on their toes with his latest prediction.

According to @theradianttimetraveller, in 2024 polar cap viruses will emerge, causing another global pandemic, infecting around 350 million people.

Could this prediction be real? Should we take it seriously? Despite the fact that there is no evidence that humans can travel in time, we cannot deny the possibility of something like this happening in the future. However, we must not fall into panic and unsubstantiated conspiracy theories because this is clearly the product of a person who, with a little sense of humor and a lot of free time, dedicates his life to generating these theories on his platform to gain followers. .

In any case, global warming is a fact and is causing the melting of the polar caps. Scientists have already found viruses that are 48,500 years old in ice, and as we have seen with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is possible for viruses to spread rapidly around the world in a short time. Therefore, it is important that we take action to protect our planet and prevent climate change.

Some in the comments aren’t convinced by the ‘time traveler’s’ warnings about the future.

Perhaps blinded by the weight of his logic and reason, one person said, “The guy actually has a video before this one that says it’s from 2671 and now it’s 2714, hey.”

To which Eno replied, “Yes, I’ve been time traveling for many years. I’ve been going to many timelines, I recently went back to this time.”