Accused of assault: Daniella Campos is arrested for VIOLATION OF DWELLING and INTRAFAMILY VIOLENCE

The former model and Miss Chile, Daniella Andrea Campos Lathropwas arrested at dawn on Thursday in the commune of the taboo, accused of trespassing and domestic violence. As reported by the media Coastal TV, the arrest occurred after her partner denounced her for assaults suffered on Wednesday night. The victim was taken to a health center, where she was diagnosed with minor injuries.

The complaint also mentions that Campos was under the influence of alcohol and drugs, which could have been the trigger for his night of fury. However, the exact causes that led to this incident are still unknown. As indicated by the publication of TV COSTA on its facebook account: “The victim was transferred to Cesfam in the commune of El Tabo where he was diagnosed with minor injuries. The complainant declared before the police that his partner Daniela Campos, He was under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

The news was also shared on a Twitter account, where it was mentioned that the former model was arrested by police from El Tabo for domestic violence against her partner and for violation of the rights of a minor daughter. However, hours later, Campos was released, but she is “warned waiting for a summons from the Prosecutor’s Office.”

It is important to mention that this is not the first time that Campos has been the protagonist of a scandal. In 2011, together with his ex-partner Esteban Caldentey, she was formalized for domestic violence. At that time, the former model explained that she was undergoing psychological and psychiatric treatment.

In his best years, in the 2000s, Campos was a well-known television figure and also for having been a partner of soccer player Iván Zamorano. However, her career has been marked by several scandals and controversies, which has allowed her to remain in the Chilean entertainment media.

What should be done if you are a victim or witness of Domestic Violence?

Call 1455 toll free to request guidance on what is best to do depending on the characteristics of each case.

If you witness an episode of violence where the life of a woman may be at risk, immediately call the Carabineros at 149 or 133 or the PDI at 134.